Official veterinarians training support

Support for official veterinarians (OVs) undertaking statutory work on behalf of Scottish ministers.

Only vets holding the relevant Official Controls Qualification (Veterinary) (OCQ(V)), who are full members of the RCVS and are working in GB can be authorised as Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) Official Veterinarians (OVs).

Revalidation courses

We are currently funding ongoing revalidation courses for SS and TT.

This is in recognition of the important work undertaken by large animal veterinarians who deliver official veterinarian work in Scotland.


The support is available to existing OVs and  relates to the following OCQ(V)s:

  • OCQ(V) - SS revalidation
  • OCQ(V) - TT revalidation
  • remote invigilation (for solo practitioners working in remote areas)

Further information on the revalidation process is available from Improve International

Who to contact

If you are an OV and you wish to obtain agreement of support for the relevant training, you should email: 


To secure funding, practice managers should email 

Please await confirmation before OVs register and undertake the training through Improve International. 

We will require the names and SP numbers of all official veterinarians in your practice who meet the criteria and what revalidation funding is required.

Please make sure that your practice name is included in any correspondence. All names will be checked for eligibility.

Once eligibility for funding has been confirmed, we will issue an Improve International code to be used when registering for the course


If the revalidation is not completed by the deadline, the qualification will expire, along with any OV authorisation for which it is a prerequisite.




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