1. Strategy/plan

    24 Mar 2021

    Land use - getting the best from our land: strategy 2021 to 2026

    Scotland's Third Land Use Strategy sets out our vision, objectives and policies to achieve sustainable land use. The strategy covers the next five years and aims to provide a more holistic understanding of our land, the demands we place upon it and the benefits we get from our land.

  2. Progress report

    24 Mar 2021

    Town centre action plan - review report: interim joint response

    Interim joint response from SG and COSLA to the New Future for Scotland's Town Centres report articulates our support for the reports overarching aim to work with our partners and communities to transform the future of our town centres and signals our commitment to work collaboratively in shaping and implementing change locally.

  3. Consultation analysis

    19 Mar 2021

    National Islands Plan through a COVID Lens: survey results

    Summary of key findings after the six main local authorities with islands were invited to consider the impact of the (COVID-19) pandemic on the delivery of National Island Plan commitments and how these should be prioritised going forward.

  4. Advice and guidance

    18 Nov 2020

    Nutritional analysis: software specification

    Guidance for local authorities, or their contracted caterers, for advice to procure software which will be used to plan and nutritionally analyse food and drink provision in schools in order to meet the Nutritional Requirements for food and drink in schools (Scotland) Regulations, 2020.

  5. Strategy/plan

    28 Feb 2020

    A Culture Strategy for Scotland

    A Culture Strategy for Scotland shows how important culture is to Scotland’s prosperity and sets the future direction for supporting culture in Scotland.

  6. NEWS

    13 Jan 2020 09:45

    Food aid

    Volunteers helping tackle food bank misery.

  7. NEWS

    18 Oct 2018 11:00


    Disease confirmed in Aberdeenshire.

  8. Consultation analysis

    10 Oct 2018

    Welfare Foods: consultation summary

    This consultation on meeting the needs of children and families in Scotland was published in April 2018 and invited views on our approach to Welfare Foods following the devolution through the Scotland Act 2016.

  9. NEWS

    09 Jul 2018 00:01

    Search for salmon

    New research to improve monitoring of wild salmon stocks.

  10. NEWS

    04 Sep 2017 12:42

    A future in food

    Funding for food and drink careers education in schools.

  11. NEWS

    03 May 2017 14:09

    CAP reform

    Rural Affairs Secretary sets out thinking.

  12. NEWS

    22 Jan 2017 11:22

    Brexit, food and farming

    Cabinet Secretary highlights threat of leaving the European Single Market on food and farming industries.