Increase in landings

Value of Scottish catch at record high.

The value of fish landings is at a record high, having increased by 29% to £563 million in 2016, according to the latest statistics published by the Scottish Government.


The increase was mainly driven by a 41% increase in the value of landings for pelagic fish like herring and mackerel.


Compared to the previous year the volume of landings rose by 3% to 453,300 tonnes.


Mackerel continues to be the most valuable stock, accounting for £169 million of Scottish landings.


Fisheries Secretary Fergus Ewing said:


“These latest statistics show the value of Scottish catch is at a record high with Scotland’s fishing fleet and sea fisheries contributing £563 million in revenue to our economy.


“The fishing industry plays a key role in our rural economy. It supports jobs and businesses at sea but also in our coastal communities, and contributes significantly to Scotland’s world class food and drink success story. So it is encouraging to see increased landings of Nephrops (prawns), shellfish and demersal fish like cod, haddock, whiting and monkfish.


“These positive figures reflect the hard work of all those involved with our sea fishing sector.”




The revenue figures are the values when they are first sold.


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