‘No deal’ could see flights grounded

Constitutional Relations Secretary calls for end to 'Brexit brinkmanship'.

Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell has called for the Prime Minister to ‘put an end to Brexit brinkmanship’ and commit to staying in the European Single Market and Customs Union.
Mr Russell’s comments come following confirmation flights could be grounded if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement or transition period.
The UK Government’s latest batch of ‘Technical Notices’, published today, outline preparations for a ‘no deal’ Brexit and show:
  • Flights could be grounded unless the UK can agree dozens of separate air service agreements with individual countries before 29 March 2019
  • The prospect of border delays disrupting food supply chains, particularly for fresh foods
  • Plans to mitigate border delays by minimising customs checks for food and feed imports, potentially leading to an increased risk of food fraud
  • Road hauliers will need permits to drive legally in Europe, of which there are only a very limited number currently available
  • All UK drivers will need to carry a ‘green card’ showing proof of motor insurance in EU countries, including Ireland
  • Additional documents and health checks will be required for animals travelling to the EU, including proof of effective vaccination of pets, which can take up to four months
  • An end to accessing video or music streaming subscriptions, such as Netflix, from EU countries as happens at present

Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell said:

“Today’s publications expose more starkly than anything we have yet seen just how disastrous a ‘no deal’ Brexit could be. The UK Government’s own guidance could not be clearer about the economic harm and chaos which could ensue – including grounded flights, border post delays and food supply disruption.        
“Meanwhile, EU leaders could not be clearer that any proposal that undermines the single market is completely unacceptable. 
“But, as the First Minister has made very clear, we should not be faced with a choice between a ‘no deal’ Brexit and a ‘blind Brexit’ where we do not have any detail or guarantees on future trading relationships.
“The Prime Minster must put an end to Brexit brinkmanship and commit to the only feasible option which – short of continued EU membership – is staying in the European Single Market and Customs Union which is around eight times bigger than the UK market alone and which is so essential for our economy, our society and the people of Scotland.”
The third package of ‘no deal’ Technical Notices has been published by the UK Government, which has said they are aimed at helping businesses and the public prepare for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. 


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