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Promoting sustainable production and procurement

Producing food and drink sustainably means farming and manufacturing it in a way that helps to preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

Procuring it sustainably means buying it from producers who minimise their impact on the environment, for example, by reducing their carbon emissions, and support the longevity of the industry.

We are promoting sustainable production and procurement to ensure a long and prosperous future for Scotland's food and drink industry, and the environment it depends on.

Organic farming

Organic farming supports the rural economy, encourages biodiversity, improves soils, protects water sources and helps minimise climate change.

In January 2016 we worked with industry-led body the Scottish Organic Forum to develop an Organic Action Plan outlining actions for growing the organic food and drink supply chain.

The Action Plan includes delivering the Organic Ambitions Fund 2016-2017 that will award funding to one or more applicants capable of developing existing relationships within the organic supply chain, identifying and addressing critical gaps, and demonstrating a proven track record of successfully developing co-ordinating and delivering projects.

Grow your own

We set up the Grow Your Own Working Group (GYOWG) in December 2009 to achieve the parts of the National Food and Drink Policy relating to people growing their own food.

The Grow Your Own Working Group recommendations report was published in February 2011, providing 27 recommendations under six themes: planning, legal, skills, community land, guidance and funding; the Grow Your Own Working Group update report was published in 2014.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill, passed in June 2015, made it easier for people to grow their own food by simplifying the legislation on allotments.

Sustainable public sector food

We created the Scottish Sustainable Procurement Action Plan in October 2009 to outline how sustainable procurement should be built into the public sector's corporate culture.

This includes making an effort to reduce carbon emissions, as detailed in Public Bodies Climate Change Duties: Putting Them Into Practice.

Catering for Change: Buying Food Sustainably in the Public Sector explains how working within procurement legislation can help public sector bodies support the sustainable procurement of food.

The Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Act 2007 outlines mandatory food and nutrition standards and advocates the procurement of sustainable food.

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