The Scottish Government Procurement Strategy April 2024 – March 2028

The Scottish Government's procurement strategy describes how we plan to carry out our regulated procurements for the next four years.

1. Foreword

The Scottish Government’s procurement strategy for 2024 to 2028 sets out how we will deliver on public sector procurement over the next four years and also reflects on our ambitious programme of work to maximise the impact of public procurement in Scotland.

Closely aligning with the road map and vision laid out within the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland, ‘putting public procurement at the heart of a sustainable economy to maximise value for the people of Scotland’, we will harness the significant public sector spend in Scotland to promote a green and just economic recovery. Through providing a strong framework of positive change and achievement, procurement is helping to create opportunity, boost inclusive and sustainable economic wellbeing, tackle inequalities and create real social impact.

Procurement has a pivotal role to play in Scottish Government’s ambitious 10 year programme of Public Service Reform to ensure that Scotland will be a wealthier, fairer, greener and a more equal country.

In the design and delivery of our procurements, we will help to provide efficient and effective public services through a focus on our government’s three missions, Equality, Opportunity and Community which centre on contributing to Scotland’s purpose of creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all to flourish. Through our collaborative approach and working closely with public, private, and third sector partners, we are helping tackle some of the biggest issues of exclusion and inequality that exist in society today.

We will also balance public finances with the outcomes we’re trying to deliver, all against a backdrop of inflationary pressures, supply chain challenges and a cost of living crisis. Using the power of procurement, the Scottish Government will use our spending power to make Scotland a better place to live, work and do business through reducing poverty, promoting inclusive economic growth, supporting local economies, supporting Scottish businesses, manufacturing and third sector, creating fair opportunities for all, and accelerating our just transition to a net zero economy.

We do this by leading with integrity and compassion, taking an inclusive, collaborative and innovative approach and applying our professional leadership, acumen and judgement to make Scotland a more prosperous and fairer nation.

Nick Ford, Director Procurement & Property, Scottish Government



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