The Scottish Government Procurement Strategy April 2024 – March 2028

The Scottish Government's procurement strategy describes how we plan to carry out our regulated procurements for the next four years.

6. Our Stakeholders

A wide range of people are interested in our work and engage with us, including:

  • those we provide procurement, property and related services and advice to, and
  • those who work with us to improve how public procurement is conducted in Scotland.

We work for

  • The public
  • Scottish Ministers
  • Scottish Government (Directors General and Directors)
  • Our customers

We drive

Our national strategies, policies and approaches through governance bodies, helping to maximise impact and outcomes through procurement and property.

We benchmark with

Governments around the world.

We engage with

  • Professionals in public procurement, property and construction
  • Professional bodies
  • Business and third sector representatives
  • Global procurement community
  • UK Government Cabinet Office and Crown Commercial Services
  • Devolved administrations
  • Policy specialists
  • Non-government organisations
  • Trade unions
  • Scottish Futures Trust
  • Non-procurement policy specialists
  • Procurement Centres of Expertise
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Project Delivery communities

We promote early engagement with our stakeholders and customers to improve commercial outcomes, innovation, sustainability and ensuring outputs meet our customers’ requirements. Our role within this landscape includes:

  • being a critical friend and trusted adviser;
  • stimulating and challenging approaches;
  • utilising flexible resourcing models, and
  • creating processes and procedures to deliver impact and influence.



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