The Scottish Government Procurement Strategy April 2024 – March 2028

The Scottish Government's procurement strategy describes how we plan to carry out our regulated procurements for the next four years.

8. Vision and Mission Statements

The Scottish Government’s Vision:

We put the people we serve at the heart of everything we do. We use digital thinking and approaches to strengthen our work and provide a better service for everyone. We are driven by our values, always searching for new ways to learn and improve. All in the service of Scotland.

The Scottish Government’s Mission:

We work together to improve the lives of the people of Scotland.

SPPD’s Purpose:

To use our collective spending power to deliver sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

SPPD’s Mission:

  • Maximise impact and leverage for economic, social and environmental benefit;
  • Deliver operational excellence through a best-in-class Procurement and Property Service; and
  • Use our leadership and influence impact on the whole public sector.

Equality: Tackling poverty and protecting people from harm

Opportunity: Building a fair, green and growing economy, and

Community: Delivering efficient and effective public services.



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