1. Strategy/plan

    16 Mar 2021

    Investing with Purpose: global capital investment plan

    Plan articulating the important role private capital investment can play in driving an investment-led recovery. The plan focuses on sectors where Scotland can demonstrate a real international comparative advantage, and marks a pivot in our approach towards targeting ESG investment.

  2. Strategy/plan

    26 Jan 2021

    Trade: our vision

    The trade vision sets out our trade principles of inclusive growth, wellbeing, sustainability, net zero and good governance. These principles are rooted in Scotland’s National Performance Framework and will underpin the trading and investment relationships we want for Scotland.

  3. Strategy/plan

    27 Oct 2020

    Shaping Scotland's economy: inward investment plan

    Shaping Scotland’s Economy: Scotland’s Inward Investment Plan sets out our ambition for Scotland as a leading destination for inward investment aligned with our values as a nation.

  4. Strategy/plan

    28 Feb 2020

    A Culture Strategy for Scotland

    A Culture Strategy for Scotland shows how important culture is to Scotland’s prosperity and sets the future direction for supporting culture in Scotland.

  5. Research and analysis

    21 Feb 2019

    No-deal Brexit: economic implications for Scotland

    Illustration of the potential impact that a no-deal Brexit - leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019 without a transition period or agreement on any future trade deal and wider economic relationship - could have on the Scottish economy over the next 12-24 months.

  6. Research and analysis

    13 Feb 2019

    State of the economy: February 2019

    Report produced tri-annually by the Chief Economic Adviser to provide a picture of the Scottish economy in an international context, including Brexit impact analysis.

  7. Speech/statement

    20 Oct 2018

    Arctic Circle Assembly 2018: minister's speech

    Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop speaks on 'Scotland: a New Arctic Strategy' at the Harpa Centre, Reykjavik, October 2018.

  8. NEWS

    14 Dec 2017 14:35

    Scotland’s Budget

    Investing in the NHS, protecting low earners, backing Scotland’s economy.

  9. Strategy/plan

    08 Dec 2017

    Scotland's international framework 2017

    Scotland’s International Framework sets out how our international work supports the Government’s central purpose of creating a more successful country.

  10. Speech/statement

    29 Sep 2017

    Nordic Baltic policy statement

    Statement aiming to strengthen relationships with countries in the Nordic and Baltic regions by promoting policy exchange and collaboration.

  11. NEWS

    01 Mar 2017 10:00

    Fair Trade Nation

    Scotland sees sharp rise in people buying into idea.

  12. NEWS

    14 Feb 2017 15:30

    Clarity on Brexit

    Finance Ministers voice disappointment following quadrilateral meeting.

  13. NEWS

    14 Feb 2017 09:30

    From Tokyo with love

    Toshima Ward to host Scotland Day and offers venues to Scottish performers.

  14. NEWS

    07 Feb 2017 17:35

    Article 50 Bill

    Scottish Parliament opposes beginning of process to withdraw from EU.

  15. NEWS

    07 Feb 2017 10:54

    Future of farming

    First Minister updates farmers on approach to Europe.

  16. NEWS

    30 Jan 2017 16:26

    Scotland in Europe

    Cabinet Secretary asks European Parliament to ensure Scotland’s voice is heard during Article 50 process

  17. NEWS

    22 Jan 2017 11:22

    Brexit, food and farming

    Cabinet Secretary highlights threat of leaving the European Single Market on food and farming industries.