Brexit and businesses: sectoral impact analysis

This Brexit readiness assessment summarises the risks to business of a no-deal Brexit and captures the views of over 80 businesses and trade associations.

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Director of International Trade and Investment
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January 2019

Sectoral Impact Analysis

We attach our Sectoral Impact Analysis report, prepared in accordance with our contract for Case 419628: Sectoral Impact Analysis and Readiness for Brexit Assessment dated 17 September 2018 (the “Contract”). For the avoidance of doubt, this report relates to milestone 5 of the Statement of requirements, as set out in the Contract.

Purpose of our report

In accordance with your instructions, our report has been prepared for use by the Scottish Government (SG) in connection with assessing trade policy. The report describes the key findings from our analysis of Scottish business sectors’ key challenges and preparedness for Brexit.

The report draws on an assessment of Brexit risks carried out in September and October 2018 across 14 key sectors in the Scottish economy identified by SG through a Rapid Synthesis, and a series of sector-specific dynamic consultation workshops facilitated by us on behalf of SG during November 2018.

Restrictions on use and disclosure of our report

Our report is based on information available from public sources, information received from dynamic consultation, workshops with Scottish businesses and trade organisations and information provided by other parties who participate in the Scottish economy. We have not sought to verify the accuracy or completeness of the data or the information provided by these parties. The circumstances and perception of Brexit are evolving. We have not contacted information providers to obtain updated information to reflect changes in circumstances and perceptions since information was originally provided to us. Our findings may materially differ if our report was based on supplemental, different or updated information sources. We accept no responsibility to update the report in light of subsequent events or for any other reason.

The report (or any portion or summary of it) may not be quoted, referred to or shown to any other parties except as provided in the agreed Contract. Our report is provided on a confidential basis and is subject to the disclosure restrictions applicable to Supplier Confidential Information (as defined in the Contract).

The report may be published for information purposes by SG subject to our agreement and any conditions specified in such agreement.

Third party disclaimers

Our report may not have considered issues relevant to any party other than SG. We accept no responsibility or liability to any person other than to SG and, accordingly, if such other persons choose to rely upon any of the contents of this report, they do so at their own risk.

The report is general in nature. The report should not be relied upon by third parties as accounting, tax, or other professional advice for their particular interests. The report does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by us to invest in, sell, or otherwise use any of the markets or companies referred to in it.

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