Trade and investment envoys

Trade and investment envoys are a key part of Scotland’s international business network. They promote international trade and investment interests and strengthen local market knowledge in the countries and sectors they represent.

The trade and investment envoy network was established in 2017 and is made up of appointees who work in a non-political capacity. They report to the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade for and are supported by the Directorate for International Trade and Investment.

There are eleven trade and investment envoys:

Trade envoy name


Wendy Alexander

Higher Education

Garry Bernstein

Capital Investment

Stephen Leonard

United States of America

Simon Lints

Singapore and New Zealand

Nicholas Maclean

United Arab Emirates

Andy MacMillan

United States of America

Ainsley Mann


Suneil Mishra

United States of America

Martyn O’Reilly


John Scott


Paul Taylor

Capital Investment

If you would like to contact a trade & investment envoy or would like further information, please contact

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