International culture strategy: survey - easy read

We are seeking views to inform the development of a strategy to support the international aspirations and potential of Scotland’s culture sector.

What is this survey about?

The Scottish Government is making a strategy to support and develop Scotland's international cultural activity.

A strategy is a big plan.

International means in other parts of the world.

Culture can mean:

  • the ways people are creative and express themselves
  • their traditions and customs like the language people use, the clothes they wear or the songs they sing
  • how people enjoy creative things that other people have made like films, craft and art

A Culture Strategy for Scotland sets out the work we want to do.

This survey is for:

  • people who work in cultural organisations and the creative industries
  • people who work internationally
  • people who would like to work internationally
  • organisations from outside of Scotland who have worked with Scottish partners or wish to do so

We want to know what you think about:

  • this strategy
  • what is happening internationally in the Scottish culture sector and why it is important
  • support for international cultural activity
  • what would help with things that make working internationally difficult
  • where would be the best places to work

The information you give us will help us develop an International Culture Strategy and the work it wants to do.



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