1. Advice and guidance

    13 Jan 2022

    Primary care mental health models in Scotland

    This paper informed the Mental Health in Primary Care Short Life Working Group recommendations, providing examples and success factors, of various Mental Health models that are in place across Health Boards in Scotland.

  2. Advice and guidance

    13 Jan 2022

    Short Life Working Group for Mental Health in Primary Care: report

    The Mental Health in Primary Care Short Life Working Group recommended the establishment of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Primary Care Services within areas served by a group of GP practices, providing assessment, advice and support for people who require a mental health or a wellbeing response.

  3. Consultation paper

    17 Dec 2021

    Prevention of homelessness duties: consultation

    Joint Scottish Government and COSLA consultation on the proposals for new prevention of homelessness duties. This consultation creates an opportunity for individuals and organisations to have their say on changes to the homelessness system in Scotland.

  4. Impact assessment

    09 Dec 2021

    Equality and Fairer Scotland Budget Statement 2022-2023

    The Equality and Fairer Scotland Budget Statement (EFSBS) 2022-23 assesses where the Scottish Government is proposing to spend public money and how it aims to reduce inequality. The EFSBS is a supporting document to the Scottish Budget and should be read alongside associated Budget publications.

  5. Advice and guidance

    19 Nov 2021

    Children's Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment guidance

    Guidance on how to complete a Children's Rights and Wellbeing Screening Sheet and Impact Assessment (CRWIA). Includes links to useful resources for gathering evidence, involving children and young people in the development of your policy/measure and ensuring decisions are necessary and proportionate.

  6. Research and analysis

    26 Oct 2021

    National Trauma Training Programme: workforce survey 2021

    Main findings from an online survey of the Scottish workforce exploring awareness and attitudes to psychological trauma and trauma-informed practice. The survey was carried out by the Improvement Service as part of the National Trauma Training Programme.

  7. Consultation paper

    01 Oct 2021

    Becoming a Fair Work nation: consultation

    This consultation seeks views on achieving this vision and ensuring Fair Work remains at the heart of our labour market interventions, particularly in the context of COVID-19 and EU Exit, by identifying the relevant challenges and opportunities for Fair Work across the Scottish economy.

  8. Factsheet

    16 Sep 2021

    Data and Intelligence Network: ethics framework

    Sets out the principles our network will adhere to when running data and intelligence projects so we can deliver insight on the pandemic and wider data issues at pace while keeping ethics at the forefront of our thinking.

  9. Strategy/plan

    20 Aug 2021

    Women's health plan

    The Women’s Health Plan underpins actions to improve women’s health inequalities by raising awareness around women’s health, improving access to health care and reducing inequalities in health outcomes for girls and women, both for sex-specific conditions and in women’s general health.

  10. Impact assessment

    05 Aug 2021

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) reducing risks in schools guidance for back to school arrangements: children's rights and wellbeing impact assessment - August 2021

    Updated Reducing risks in schools guidance (version 6.0) has been developed in consultation with the COVID-19 Education Recovery Group (CERG) and with the advice of the Advisory Sub-Group on Education and Children’s Issues. This document considers the impact of this guidance on the rights and wellbeing of children and young people.

  11. Impact assessment

    26 May 2021

    Hate Crime Security Fund for places of worship: equality impact assessment

    Summary of the full equality impact assessment (EQIA) conducted on the Hate Crime Security Fund (HCSF). It is considered that the fund will not cause a negative impact on, adversely affect or cause indirect or direct discrimination in relation to the protected characteristics.

  12. Progress report

    28 Feb 2019

    UN convention against torture: our position statement

    Account of progress in Scotland in giving effect to the UN Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, in advance of a review of the UK by the UN Committee Against Torture in May 2019.

  13. NEWS

    20 Apr 2017 11:05

    A broken asylum system

    Equalities Secretary speaks out on ‘outrage’ of UK’s approach to asylum.

  14. NEWS

    02 Feb 2017 09:45

    Brexit threat to human rights

    UN warns UK Government’s plans risk opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ for ‘deregulation and regression’.

  15. Advice and guidance

    18 Jun 2014

    Children's advocacy guidance

    Guidance on how to support children and young people to make informed decisions on matters which influence their lives.