Hate crime must be eradicated

Nation-wide campaign will aim to raise awareness.

A campaign to raise awareness of the effects of hate crime on individuals and communities will be launched next year, Equalities Secretary Angela Constance announced today.

The campaign follows one of the recommendations made by the Independent Advisory Group on Hate Crime, Prejudice and Community Cohesion, to improve public education in this area.

Ms Constance said:

“There is absolutely no place for bigotry and prejudice in Scotland. Hate crime is traumatic, isolating and damaging to communities. Wherever it happens, whenever it happens and whoever it happens to – it needs to be tackled and it needs to stop.

“We pride ourselves in being an open, inclusive country which values diversity and the contribution made by people from all backgrounds.

“That’s why we’re taking forward this important recommendation from the Advisory Group - a campaign to improve understanding of the nature and extent of hate crime.

“This campaign will show the devastating effects hate crime can have on individuals and communities, and where people can go for support when they need it most.

“But it will also celebrate the fullness of Scotland’s diversity – it is our firm belief that everyone in Scotland must be empowered to achieve their potential irrespective of race, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. These core values are why it’s so important that hate crime is dealt with and stamped out.”


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