Call for protection of EU employment laws

Human Rights debate in Parliament.

A call to protect EU employment law which covers, maternity, paternity and parental leave, part time and agency workers, will be made later today by Angela Constance.

The Equalities Secretary warns that the UK Government’s commitment to triggering Article 50 while also publishing proposals for a “British Bill of Rights”, which will repeal the Human Rights Act, will have ‘profound implications for Scotland.’

Speaking before the Scottish Parliament’s first debate of 2017 on protecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms Ms Constance said:

“The Scottish Government has been clear there can be no regression in the rights, freedoms, social protection and equality currently secured by EU law.

“European Union law, and European institutions, have been instrumental in promoting equality and human rights across all member states – sometimes learning from and reflecting the UK best practice, and sometimes challenging us all, including in Scotland, to go further and to try harder.

“Yet that progressive European vision is now at risk.

“It is clear that the removal of obligations which are set down in European law could open the door to the erosion of protections we have come to take for granted.

“These are all important aspects of working life, where safeguards and progressive policies are fundamental to our vision in Scotland for social justice and inclusive economic growth.

“I ask that we commit collectively and with unshakeable resolve to defend not only those values but the interests and rights of all of the people of Scotland.

“We must ensure that Scotland’s distinctive voice continues to be heard.”


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