1. Report

    20 Jan 2019

    Brexit and businesses: sectoral impact analysis

    This Brexit readiness assessment summarises the risks to business of a no-deal Brexit and captures the views of over 80 businesses and trade associations.

  2. NEWS

    04 Dec 2018 16:34

    Fisheries Bill

    Scotland must have say in determining quota and effort limits.

  3. Publication

    27 Nov 2018

    Scotland's place in Europe: assessment of UK Government's proposed future relationship with the EU

    Our assessment of the UK Government's proposed future relationship with the EU.

  4. NEWS

    23 Nov 2018 11:31

    Brexit deal uncertainty

    EU trade and agreements worth £16.4 billion to Scotland.

  5. NEWS

    15 Nov 2018 14:42

    Brexit deal

    Scottish Parliament to have a vote.

  6. Publication

    05 Nov 2018

    Scotland's place in Europe: science and research

    Our latest analysis of the implications for Scotland’s science and research if the UK exits the European Union.

  7. Publication

    15 Oct 2018

    Scotland's place in Europe: our way forward

    This paper sets out our position following the result of the EU Referendum.

  8. NEWS

    12 Oct 2018 14:26

    ‘No deal’ could raise electricity bills

    Constitutional Relations Secretary: rural Scotland ‘hit hardest’.

  9. NEWS

    11 Oct 2018 13:41

    Single market ‘essential’

    Continued EU membership worth billions to the Scottish economy.

  10. NEWS

    07 Oct 2018 11:13

    Advice service for EU citizens

    Expert group to explore Scotland’s migration needs.

  11. NEWS

    29 Sep 2018 00:01

    Six months until Brexit

    Terms of departure still not agreed.

  12. NEWS

    24 Sep 2018 16:05

    ‘No deal’ could see flights grounded

    Constitutional Relations Secretary calls for end to 'Brexit brinkmanship'.

  13. NEWS

    25 Jul 2018 18:04

    Call to devolve migration

    Stark figures show impact of Brexit on education workforce.

  14. NEWS

    15 Jul 2018 00:01

    EU settlement scheme

    Letter to Home Secretary

  15. NEWS

    12 Jul 2018 14:25

    Brexit White Paper

    External Affairs Secretary: “UK plans fall short and harm economy."

  16. Research publication

    09 Jul 2018

    EU workers in Scotland's social care workforce: contribution assessment

    Provides estimated numbers and specific roles of EU staff in Scotland's social care workforce.

  17. NEWS

    05 Jul 2018 11:39

    Scottish position on EU relationship

    Contribution to Brexit White Paper.

  18. NEWS

    05 Jul 2018 00:01

    EU negotiations

    Scottish and Welsh Ministers outline concerns over White Paper.

  19. NEWS

    20 Jun 2018 13:39

    Stability, certainty and simplicity in rural support

    Public consultation launched.

  20. Publication

    14 Jun 2018

    Scotland's Place in Europe: security, judicial co-operation and law enforcement

    Report setting out our position on the importance of maintaining a close relationship with the EU in relation to security, law enforcement and criminal justice.

  21. NEWS

    14 Jun 2018 00:01

    Brexit impact on cross-border crime co-operation

    New paper highlights challenges faced by Scottish law enforcement.

  22. NEWS

    12 Jun 2018 19:43

    Withdrawal Bill decision "dark day for devolution" – Russell

    Minister says outcome shows contempt for democracy

  23. NEWS

    10 Jun 2018 13:00

    An "unprecedented constitutional position" - FM

    First Minister urges House of Commons to amend EU Withdrawal Bill

  24. NEWS

    28 May 2018 12:00

    First Minister in Brussels

    Meeting with Chief EU Negotiator.

  25. NEWS

    17 May 2018 06:00

    Support for EU citizens after Brexit

    Call for child exemption from post-Brexit fees.

  26. NEWS

    09 May 2018 12:02

    Not the final Europe Day

    EU countries ‘want closer engagement with Scotland’.

  27. Factsheet

    09 May 2018

    Brexit Stakeholder Engagement Fund

    The fund will help ensure that a range of voices can be heard to inform the Scottish Government’s position in relation to EU exit.

  28. NEWS

    25 Apr 2018 19:01

    Withdrawal Bill amendments 'undermine devolution', says Minister

    Response to publication of UK Government amendments.

  29. NEWS

    21 Mar 2018 19:32

    Continuity Bill passed

    Parliament vote to protect devolution.

  30. NEWS

    16 Mar 2018 13:21

    Letter to Lords over Brexit Bill

    First Ministers of Scotland and Wales outline risks to devolution.

  31. NEWS

    12 Mar 2018 17:10

    EU Withdrawal Bill amendments

    “No safeguards” to protect devolution.

  32. NEWS

    22 Feb 2018 13:22

    Brexit talks update

    Russell: ‘clock ticking on Scotland's future’.

  33. NEWS

    19 Feb 2018 00:01

    Post-Brexit trade scenarios

    Farming at risk.

  34. NEWS

    15 Feb 2018 13:01

    Dutch connections

    Hyslop: £2bn annual exports at risk due to Brexit.

  35. NEWS

    06 Feb 2018 14:02

    Brexit and rural Scotland

    EU migrant workforce is ‘essential’.

  36. NEWS

    06 Feb 2018 13:11

    Call for more engagement on Brexit

    FM: urgent discussion needed on EU negotiation objectives.

  37. NEWS

    01 Feb 2018 13:43

    Call for Brexit analysis to be made public

    Impact on jobs and living standards should be known.

  38. NEWS

    01 Feb 2018 00:01

    Protecting Scotland's interests

    Call for UK Government to respect devolution.

  39. NEWS

    22 Jan 2018 00:01

    Building future relations with Europe

    Representing Scotland in Brussels.

  40. NEWS

    15 Jan 2018 10:30

    Analysis shows Single Market essential for Scotland

    Jobs and living standards must come first.

  41. Publication

    15 Jan 2018

    Scotland's place in Europe: people, jobs and investment

    This paper presents the latest analysis by the Scottish Government of the implications for Scotland’s economy if the UK exits the European Union.

  42. Publication

    15 Jan 2018

    Scotland's place in Europe: people, jobs and investment summary

    Summary of Scotland’s place in Europe: people, jobs and investment, which presents implications for Scotland’s economy if the UK exits the European Union.

  43. speech / ministerial statement

    15 Jan 2018

    Scotland's place in Europe: speech

    First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, launches Scotland's Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment.

  44. NEWS

    10 Jan 2018 14:27

    Scottish EU Bill likely to be introduced in February

    EU Withdrawal Bill incompatible with devolution.

  45. Publication

    12 Dec 2017

    Scottish Government's position on EU Citizens' rights

    Information on the Scottish Government's position on EU citizens' rights with links to further information and advice for those affected by Brexit.

  46. NEWS

    10 Nov 2017 12:15

    Leading the way on climate change

    First Minister to address UN Climate Change Conference in Germany.

  47. NEWS

    10 Nov 2017 00:01

    Brexit negotiations

    Clarity needed on withdrawal from EU.

  48. NEWS

    08 Nov 2017 10:00

    Benefits of migration

    EU workers’ positive contribution to economy.

  49. NEWS

    06 Nov 2017 17:42

    Brexit talks

    "We will not sign a blank cheque."

  50. NEWS

    01 Nov 2017 10:24

    Brexit analysis must be shared

    Devolved administrations should see economic impact reports.  

  51. NEWS

    31 Oct 2017 11:19

    Cross-border policing

    Europol chief highlights importance of Scottish policing to Europe.

  52. NEWS

    26 Oct 2017 09:35

    Population figures

    Projections show impact of EU migration fall.

  53. NEWS

    26 Oct 2017 09:30

    Scotland's population is projected to increase and age

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  54. speech / ministerial statement

    18 Oct 2017

    Scotland's place in Europe: minister's speech

    The Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe addresses Europa Institute on Scotland's place in Europe.

  55. NEWS

    15 Oct 2017 00:01

    Food and drink exports hit half-year high

    Importance of continued access to EU market shown.

  56. NEWS

    12 Oct 2017 11:10

    Regional trade statistics

    47% of exports are to EU.

  57. NEWS

    09 Oct 2017 13:33

    EU funding guarantee

    Ewing: vital we establish funding guarantee parameters.

  58. NEWS

    04 Oct 2017 13:00

    Strengthening links with Ireland

    First Minister to visit Dublin.

  59. NEWS

    30 Sep 2017 00:01

    Northern neighbours

    Brexit highlights need for deeper Nordic and Baltic cooperation.

  60. NEWS

    27 Sep 2017 13:35

    Free movement of people vital to economy

    Business leaders discuss effects of migration.

  61. NEWS

    25 Sep 2017 12:20

    Devolution must be protected

    EU Withdrawal Bill talks continue.

  62. NEWS

    14 Sep 2017 14:30

    Future CAP support

    Ewing: Future planning virtually impossible.

  63. NEWS

    12 Sep 2017 14:54

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    Scottish Government says devolution must be defended.  

  64. NEWS

    07 Sep 2017 14:56

    Support for Scottish businesses abroad

    First Minister outlines government backing to increase exports.

  65. NEWS

    22 Aug 2017 16:40

    Amendments to UK Brexit Bill will be proposed

    First Ministers of Wales and Scotland agree actions to counter serious risks to devolution.

  66. NEWS

    17 Aug 2017 00:01

    Brexit threatens environmental ambition

    Scottish and Welsh Ministers warn progress is being put at risk. 

  67. NEWS

    06 Aug 2017 17:39

    Threat to European cultural collaboration

    EU fundamental to continued development of creative sector.

  68. Correspondence

    28 Apr 2017

    Scotland's Place in Europe – correspondence with the UK Government

    Scotland’s Place in Europe – correspondence with the UK Government

  69. speech / ministerial statement

    15 Mar 2017

    Scotland's future relationship with EU: ministerial statement

    Minister for UK Negotiations for Scotland's Place in Europe, Michael Russell, delivers a speech to Scottish Parliament.

  70. speech / ministerial statement

    17 Jan 2017

    Scotland's Place in Europe debate: opening speech by Fiona Hyslop

    Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop's opening speech from debate on Scotland's Place in Europe.

  71. speech / ministerial statement

    20 Dec 2016

    Scotland's Place in Europe: First Minister's statement

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP's statement to Parliament on publication of Scotland's Place in Europe.