1. Safeguarding the food and drink sector

    Chancellor urged to avoid trade war.

  2. Scotland's Global Affairs Framework

    The Global Affairs Framework sets out the values and principles underpinning the Scottish Government’s international work and the basis on which the Scottish Government will prioritise its international activity.

  3. Conference on the Future of Europe: submission

    Scottish Government written submission for the Conference on the Future of Europe, on a range of issues where EU leadership is important and where Scotland can contribute to Europe’s future success and prosperity.

  4. Urgent action needed to tackle cost of living

    Finance Secretary writes to Treasury ahead of Spring Statement.

  5. Economic Crime Bill

    Greater powers to fight corruption.

  6. Stop trading with Russia

    Businesses urged to show solidarity to Ukraine.

  7. Call for clarity on EU replacement funds

    No detail on essential funding for Scotland.

  8. International travel restrictions eased

    Most people will not need to take a test.

  9. Help for EU citizens to prove immigration status online

    Updated Scottish Government resources to aid applications.

  10. Easing of restrictions on international travellers

    Removal of pre-departure test requirement.

  11. Physical proof of status should be offered to EU citizens

    Devolved governments call for additional safeguard.  

  12. Pre-departure test requirement for travel

    Nigeria also added to red list to control omicron spread.

  13. Supporting EU students

    Scholarship programme to repair links with Europe.    

  14. Security needed for EU Citizens

    Minister urges UK Government to continue social security support.

  15. International travel restrictions to be relaxed and simplified

    Streamlined system merges amber and green lists and retains red list.

  16. Physical proof of status should be offered to EU citizens

    Joint letter from devolved governments calls for additional safeguard.

  17. International travellers to Scotland will be able to use private sector COVID tests

    Economy boosting step backed by move to clamp down on poor performers.

  18. Travel restriction on France lifted

    India also turns amber in latest update to international restrictions.

  19. Balearic Islands removed from travel green list

    Changes take effect from 19 July following latest review.

  20. Expanded travel green list for Scotland

    Key destinations added following latest review.

  21. ‘Scotland is a better country because you are here’ - FM

    Failure to extend EU Settlement Scheme deadline ‘unacceptable’.

  22. Strengthening links with Europe

    £3 million research fund announced.

  23. Portugal placed on amber travel list

    Change made following concerns over spread of Delta variant.

  24. More than 240,000 EU citizens able to Stay in Scotland

    Concern that many have still to apply.

  25. New border control post at Cairnryan

    Site to be used for post-Brexit import inspections.

  26. Quarantine hotels

    Reducing the spread of COVID-19.

  27. Scotland’s ‘Brexit disaster’

    Problems for Scottish companies ‘multiplying’ in first four weeks.

  28. Foreign travel health rules updated

    More destinations designated for enhanced quarantine.

  29. Erasmus+ exchange programme

    Joint statement confirms work will continue to secure the benefits of programme.

  30. Pre-departure coronavirus testing

    New public health requirements.

  31. Stark impact of Brexit

    Analysis highlights benefits of re-joining EU.

  32. Erasmus loss ‘a huge blow’

    Concern over alternative scheme.

  33. Businesses urged to check Brexit advice

    Support available over the holiday period.

  34. Stay in Scotland

    First Minister's open letter to EU Citizens.

  35. Reduction in self-isolation

    Changes to public health requirements for close contacts and overseas arrivals.

  36. Canary Islands designated for public health quarantine

    Further updates to public health foreign travel rules.

  37. EU funding threat for Scottish youth work

    Doubt over the future of Erasmus+ casts shadow over sector.

  38. Quarantine rules reinstated for two countries

    Further changes to public health travel rules.

  39. Vital support to offset Brexit damage

    Measures to help protect health services, the economy and communities.

  40. “UK Government must respect devolution” – Wales & Scotland

    Ministers call for commitment to make up lost EU funding to be honoured.

  41. More destinations re-designated for quarantine

    Further updates to public health travel rules.

  42. Foreign travel health rules extended

    Quarantine for travellers arriving from Germany and Sweden

  43. Quarantine measures for travellers from Liechtenstein

    Canary Islands, Denmark, the Maldives and Mykonos added to exempt list.

  44. Quarantine measures reinstated for further destinations

    Travellers arriving from Italy, San Marino and Vatican City State must self-isolate from Sunday.

  45. Further quarantine measures introduced for travellers

    Quarantine required for Hungary and La Réunion travel, while Sweden added to exemption list.

  46. Further quarantine measures introduced for travellers

    Portugal and French Polynesia removed from exemption list.

  47. Quarantine measures introduced for travellers from Greece

    Importation of new cases remains ‘significant’ public health risk.

  48. Shortage occupation list 2020: call for evidence - our response

    Our response to the UK Migration Advisory Committee call for evidence on the shortage occupation list.

  49. Foreign travel health rules extended

    Quarantine measures for further countries.

  50. Travellers from France and the Netherlands to face quarantine rules

    Increase in coronavirus cases sees quarantine requirements.

  51. Quarantine rules change for five countries

    Update to foreign travel public health requirements.

  52. Quarantine rules imposed on travellers from Luxembourg

    Increase in coronavirus cases sees quarantine requirements.

  53. Parliament briefed on risks from a UK Internal Market

    Constitution Secretary calls UK White Paper “disastrous for devolution”.

  54. Travellers from Spain to face quarantine rules

    Significant increase in coronavirus cases in Spain sees decision overturned.

  55. Quarantine rules lifted for five countries

    Public health measures lifted for more travellers.

  56. Quarantine rules lifted for Spain

    Travellers arriving from mainland and islands exempt from quarantine requirements.

  57. European Territorial Cooperation Programmes 2021-2027: consultation report

    This report summarises the responses that the Scottish Government received to its consultation on European Territorial Cooperation Programmes for the period 2021-2027. The results of this consultation show that there is an overwhelming appetite from public sector organisations in Scotland for continued participation.

  58. Quarantine rule ends for travellers arriving from lower risk countries and territories

    Public health measure lifted for some overseas travellers arriving in Scotland.

  59. Continuity Bill: Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment

    Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment for the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill

  60. Continuity Bill: SEA Pre-Screening Notification

    SEA Pre-Screening Notification for the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill

  61. Continuity Bill: Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

    Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment for the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill

  62. Continuity Bill: Fairer Scotland Duty

    Fairer Scotland Duty for the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill

  63. Continuity Bill: Equality Impact Assessment

    Equality Impact Assessment for the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill

  64. Continuity Bill: Data Protection Impact Assessment

    Data Protection Impact Assessment for the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill

  65. Parliament asked to back European Union Continuity Bill

    Powers to ‘keep pace’ with EU law in devolved policy areas.

  66. Scottish research facing twin threats of COVID and Brexit

    Minister tells UK Government that urgent support needed within days.

  67. Coronavirus (COVID-19): the case for extending the Brexit transition period

    This paper sets out why it is vital, if we are to ensure the most rapid recovery possible from the COVID-19 crisis, that the UK Government immediately seeks an extension to the Brexit transition period (scheduled to finish on 31 December 2020) for two years.

  68. Extend Brexit transition during COVID-19 crisis

    Cabinet Secretary: “We cannot risk double hit of coronavirus and No Deal.”

  69. Planning for Brexit

    Call to put all available resource towards tackling COVID-19.

  70. Scotland’s voice must be heard

    Cabinet Secretary updates MSPs on EU talks.

  71. Response to decision to end participation in Creative Europe

    UK Government not to negotiate ongoing participation in cultural programme.

  72. UK mandate will hit Scotland’s economy

    EU talks plan sets “extraordinarily low bar.”

  73. Minister meets Erasmus+ exchange students in Aberdeen

    Efforts to be stepped up to protect further and higher education after Brexit.

  74. The European Union's Strategic Agenda 2020-2024: Scotland's Perspective

    Document setting out how Scotland sees the EU's priorities for the period ahead and explaining why these are of vital importance to Scotland and how Scotland can contribute to their delivery.

  75. Scotland's commitment to the EU

    New document reveals continued partnership.

  76. Plan for Scottish Visa

    Paper highlights acute need for powers over immigration policy.

  77. Brexit: social and equality impacts

    This independent report focuses on some of the potential social and equality impacts of Brexit.

  78. Most vulnerable at risk from Brexit

    Report finds 137 separate impacts.

  79. EU citizens vital to Scotland

    New funding for legal support.

  80. European territorial cooperation programmes 2021-2027: consultation

    Consultation on the design of the 2021 to 2027 European territorial cooperation (Interreg) programmes.

  81. Scotland and Norway “natural partners”

    First Minister addresses Norwegian business leaders

  82. EU funding

    Consultation launched on the replacement for European Structural Funds.

  83. Migration vital to Scotland’s future workforce

    Experts highlight risk of acute labour shortages without immigration.

  84. Scotland's place in Europe: assessment of the revised EU withdrawal agreement and political declaration

    Our assessment of the UK Government's proposed future relationship with the European Union, as outlined in the revised Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

  85. Scotland’s population projections

    Inward migration the only driver of population growth.

  86. Rural and island areas among most vulnerable to impact of Brexit

    Interactive map displays risks of leaving the EU for communities across Scotland.

  87. Local level Brexit vulnerabilities in Scotland: Brexit Vulnerabilities Index (BVI)

    This research identifies areas of Scotland that are expected to be most vulnerable to the consequences of Brexit, and what drives those risks to support local authorities and other organisations in understanding local risks around EU exit.

  88. Right to stay for EU citizens

    Home Office urged to remove five year rule for settled status.

  89. UEFA European Championship Bill

    Bill proposes to criminalise ticket touting for matches.

  90. Scotland's population needs and migration policy: summary

    Overview of Scotland’s population needs and migration policy.

  91. Europe buys 50% of Scottish goods

    Scotland’s total goods exports rise by 14.5%. 

  92. Doubts over Erasmus+ after EU exit

    Concern that UK Government could consider international exchange programme for England only.

  93. Universities hit by Brexit

    UK Government urged again to guarantee EU students can complete courses in Scotland.

  94. Brexit: Unheard Voices

    New report brings together views on EU exit.

  95. Brexit: unheard voices - views from stakeholders across Scotland on leaving the EU

    Views from stakeholders across Scotland on leaving the EU and our response.

  96. Response to European election voting failures

    Call for UK Government to accept responsibility after some EU citizens denied a vote

  97. Impact of the European Union in Scotland: examples

    Information highlighting the impact of the EU in Scotland.

  98. Scotland’s Future

    FM outlines path forward amid ‘broken status quo’. 

  99. First Minister's letter to EU citizens in Scotland

    Stay in Scotland campaign – open letter from the First Minister of Scotland.

  100. Shortage occupation list 2018: call for evidence - our response

    Our response to the UK Migration Advisory Committee call for evidence on the shortage occupation list.

  101. Shortage occupations list 2018: call for evidence - our response for health and social care

    Response to the UK Migration Advisory Committee call for evidence on the shortage occupation list summarises skills shortages within health and social care sector in Scotland, and details the contribution of international workers.

  102. EU exit: action plan for further and higher education

    Our latest understanding of what Brexit would mean for Scotland's further and higher education sectors, and what we as a responsible government are doing to mitigate these risks.

  103. Joint EU Exit Debate

    Scotland and Wales unite to voice dismay at UK Government’s approach.

  104. UK immigration policy after leaving the EU: impacts on Scotland's economy, population and society - executive summary

    Executive summary of debut report by the independent Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population about how the ending of free movement and future UK Immigration policy will affect Scotland's devolved responsibilities.

  105. UK immigration policy after leaving the EU: impacts on Scotland's economy, population and society

    Debut report by independent Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population looks specifically at how the ending of free movement and future UK Immigration policy will affect Scotland's devolved responsibilities.

  106. No-deal Brexit: economic implications for Scotland

    Illustration of the potential impact that a no-deal Brexit - leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019 without a transition period or agreement on any future trade deal and wider economic relationship - could have on the Scottish economy over the next 12-24 months.

  107. Brexit threat to jobs

    Warning that ‘no deal’ will harm Scotland’s economy.

  108. Calls for EU nationals to stay in Scotland

    First Minister: UK Brexit deal is ‘self-defeating.’

  109. Brexit and businesses: sectoral impact analysis

    This Brexit readiness assessment summarises the risks to business of a no-deal Brexit and captures the views of over 80 businesses and trade associations.

  110. Fisheries Bill

    Scotland must have say in determining quota and effort limits.

  111. Scotland's place in Europe: assessment of UK Government's proposed future relationship with the EU

    Our assessment of the UK Government's proposed future relationship with the EU.

  112. Brexit deal uncertainty

    EU trade and agreements worth £16.4 billion to Scotland.

  113. Brexit deal

    Scottish Parliament to have a vote.

  114. Scotland's place in Europe: science and research

    Our latest analysis of the implications for Scotland’s science and research if the UK exits the European Union.

  115. Scotland's place in Europe: our way forward

    This paper sets out our position following the result of the EU Referendum.

  116. ‘No deal’ could raise electricity bills

    Constitutional Relations Secretary: rural Scotland ‘hit hardest’.

  117. Single market ‘essential’

    Continued EU membership worth billions to the Scottish economy.

  118. Advice service for EU citizens

    Expert group to explore Scotland’s migration needs.

  119. Six months until Brexit

    Terms of departure still not agreed.

  120. ‘No deal’ could see flights grounded

    Constitutional Relations Secretary calls for end to 'Brexit brinkmanship'.

  121. Call to devolve migration

    Stark figures show impact of Brexit on education workforce.

  122. EU settlement scheme

    Letter to Home Secretary

  123. Brexit White Paper

    External Affairs Secretary: “UK plans fall short and harm economy."

  124. EU workers in Scotland's social care workforce: contribution assessment

    Provides estimated numbers and specific roles of EU staff in Scotland's social care workforce.

  125. Scottish position on EU relationship

    Contribution to Brexit White Paper.

  126. EU negotiations

    Scottish and Welsh Ministers outline concerns over White Paper.

  127. Stability, certainty and simplicity in rural support

    Public consultation launched.

  128. Scotland's Place in Europe: security, judicial co-operation and law enforcement

    Report setting out our position on the importance of maintaining a close relationship with the EU in relation to security, law enforcement and criminal justice.

  129. Brexit impact on cross-border crime co-operation

    New paper highlights challenges faced by Scottish law enforcement.

  130. Withdrawal Bill decision "dark day for devolution" – Russell

    Minister says outcome shows contempt for democracy

  131. An "unprecedented constitutional position" - FM

    First Minister urges House of Commons to amend EU Withdrawal Bill

  132. First Minister in Brussels

    Meeting with Chief EU Negotiator.

  133. Support for EU citizens after Brexit

    Call for child exemption from post-Brexit fees.

  134. Not the final Europe Day

    EU countries ‘want closer engagement with Scotland’.

  135. Brexit Stakeholder Engagement Fund

    The fund helped to ensure that a range of voices could be heard to inform the Scottish Government’s position in relation to EU exit.

  136. Withdrawal Bill amendments 'undermine devolution', says Minister

    Response to publication of UK Government amendments.

  137. Continuity Bill passed

    Parliament vote to protect devolution.

  138. Letter to Lords over Brexit Bill

    First Ministers of Scotland and Wales outline risks to devolution.

  139. EU Withdrawal Bill amendments

    “No safeguards” to protect devolution.

  140. Brexit talks update

    Russell: ‘clock ticking on Scotland's future’.

  141. Post-Brexit trade scenarios

    Farming at risk.

  142. Dutch connections

    Hyslop: £2bn annual exports at risk due to Brexit.

  143. Brexit and rural Scotland

    EU migrant workforce is ‘essential’.

  144. Call for more engagement on Brexit

    FM: urgent discussion needed on EU negotiation objectives.

  145. Call for Brexit analysis to be made public

    Impact on jobs and living standards should be known.

  146. Protecting Scotland's interests

    Call for UK Government to respect devolution.

  147. Building future relations with Europe

    Representing Scotland in Brussels.

  148. Analysis shows Single Market essential for Scotland

    Jobs and living standards must come first.

  149. Scotland's place in Europe: people, jobs and investment

    This paper presents the latest analysis by the Scottish Government of the implications for Scotland’s economy if the UK exits the European Union.

  150. Scotland's place in Europe: people, jobs and investment summary

    Summary of Scotland’s place in Europe: people, jobs and investment, which presents implications for Scotland’s economy if the UK exits the European Union.

  151. Scotland's place in Europe: speech

    First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, launches Scotland's Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment.

  152. Scottish EU Bill likely to be introduced in February

    EU Withdrawal Bill incompatible with devolution.

  153. Scottish Government's position on EU Citizens' rights

    Information on the Scottish Government's position on EU citizens' rights with links to further information and advice for those affected by Brexit.

  154. Leading the way on climate change

    First Minister to address UN Climate Change Conference in Germany.

  155. Brexit negotiations

    Clarity needed on withdrawal from EU.

  156. Benefits of migration

    EU workers’ positive contribution to economy.

  157. Brexit talks

    "We will not sign a blank cheque."

  158. Brexit analysis must be shared

    Devolved administrations should see economic impact reports.  

  159. Cross-border policing

    Europol chief highlights importance of Scottish policing to Europe.

  160. Population figures

    Projections show impact of EU migration fall.

  161. Scotland's population is projected to increase and age

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  162. Scotland's place in Europe: minister's speech

    The Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe addresses Europa Institute on Scotland's place in Europe.

  163. Food and drink exports hit half-year high

    Importance of continued access to EU market shown.

  164. Regional trade statistics

    47% of exports are to EU.

  165. EU funding guarantee

    Ewing: vital we establish funding guarantee parameters.

  166. Strengthening links with Ireland

    First Minister to visit Dublin.

  167. Northern neighbours

    Brexit highlights need for deeper Nordic and Baltic cooperation.

  168. Free movement of people vital to economy

    Business leaders discuss effects of migration.

  169. Devolution must be protected

    EU Withdrawal Bill talks continue.

  170. Future CAP support

    Ewing: Future planning virtually impossible.

  171. EU Withdrawal Bill

    Scottish Government says devolution must be defended.  

  172. Support for Scottish businesses abroad

    First Minister outlines government backing to increase exports.

  173. Amendments to UK Brexit Bill will be proposed

    First Ministers of Wales and Scotland agree actions to counter serious risks to devolution.

  174. Brexit threatens environmental ambition

    Scottish and Welsh Ministers warn progress is being put at risk. 

  175. Threat to European cultural collaboration

    EU fundamental to continued development of creative sector.

  176. Scotland's Place in Europe – correspondence with the UK Government

    Scotland’s Place in Europe – correspondence with the UK Government

  177. Scotland's future relationship with EU: ministerial statement

    Minister for UK Negotiations for Scotland's Place in Europe, Michael Russell, delivers a speech to Scottish Parliament.

  178. Scotland's Place in Europe debate: opening speech by Fiona Hyslop

    Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop's opening speech from debate on Scotland's Place in Europe.

  179. Scotland's Place in Europe: First Minister's statement

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP's statement to Parliament on publication of Scotland's Place in Europe.

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