Scotland's commitment to the EU

New document reveals continued partnership.

External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop today launches a document, explaining how Scotland will continue to work with the EU over the next five years, despite Brexit.

She will chair a diplomatic meeting of Scotland’s Consular Corps in Edinburgh and explain how Scotland will contribute to the EU’s priorities.

Ms Hyslop said:

“Scotland is being taken out of the EU against its democratic will – but the Scottish Government is determined that our nation remains at the heart of Europe.

“Brexit will unfortunately change how Scotland engages, but it will not change the EU’s importance to Scotland, nor our commitment to it. We will continue to collaborate across a wide range of issues, reflecting our shared values and goals.

“The Scottish Government believes the best option for Scotland is to become an independent country within the European Union. Whatever our constitutional future, Scotland will remain an outward facing, constructive nation, working closely with our European partners.”

The document sets out four shared priorities for the European Union and for Scotland:

• to embody progressive, democratic values on the world stage

• to rise to the global challenges of climate change

• to actively promote the wellbeing of all society

• to create smart economies through use of new technology

Details of how Scotland will fulfil these objectives include a £3 billion “Green New Deal” beginning in 2020 to attract green finance and reduce emissions across industries while guaranteeing new jobs.


Read the full document: The European Union’s Strategic Agenda for 2020-24: Scotland’s Perspective.



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