Strengthening Scotland’s place in the world

International offices to help deliver on priorities at home.

Ensuring Scotland looks outwards will be even more vital in 2023 for creating opportunities and delivering on our priorities, External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson has said.

He said the Scottish Government’s international network of nine offices will continue working with the enterprise agencies to attract further investment, jobs and opportunities to Scotland.

This will build on the efforts of recent years which saw Scotland named in the 2022 EY Attractiveness Survey as the most successful nation or region in the UK outside of London in attracting Foreign Direct Investment.  

The network will also help to protect and promote Scotland’s interests in the EU and beyond – something that is even more important after Brexit, the Cabinet Secretary said.

The international offices will also look to capitalise on the opportunities flowing from the transition to net zero, including building on agreements with regional governments in Germany to develop partnerships on hydrogen.   

Mr Robertson said:

“We are determined that Scotland continues to be a good global citizen and makes a constructive contribution to addressing global challenges. Our international activity creates opportunities at home, broadens horizons, attracts high-quality investment and ultimately benefits Scotland’s people and communities.

“This year saw the landmark opening of the Copenhagen hub.  This will enhance Scotland’s economic and cultural visibility in the Nordic region and enable us to benefit from the experience of Nordic governments in delivering our net zero transition and tackling inequality. We can also look forward to the opening of a further hub in Warsaw before the end of the current parliament, which will support a rich history of education, people-to-people and cultural links between Scotland and Central Europe.

“The international network is instrumental in attracting inward investment and creating domestic opportunities.  With the UK economy entering recession and the continuing impact of Brexit on the economy, jobs and trade, it is vital we continue to look outwards, learn from others and do all we can to attract investment and opportunities to Scotland and grow our economy sustainably.

“Having people working in place in a country or region is hugely beneficial to Scotland. On trade and investment, net zero transition, higher education, tourism, culture and people to people links, our international network will play a vital role next year in helping Scotland build a greener, fairer, wealthier economy and all the benefits that will bring to families, communities and businesses across the country.”


The nine Scottish Government offices are located in Brussels, London, Ireland, France, Germany, USA, Canada, China and Denmark. These offices work alongside Scottish Development International - the trade and inward investment agency arm of Scottish Enterprise - and its network of trade and investment offices  The offices work with partners to help:

  • attract investment to Scotland
  • help businesses to trade internationally
  • facilitate policy exchange enabling Scotland to learn from other countries
  • promote cultural exchanges and events
  • promote and secure Scottish research and innovations capability, partnerships and funding
  • protect and enhance Scotland’s interests in the EU and beyond

“Team Scotland” comprises a broader range of partners supporting efforts across trade, investment, higher education, culture and diplomacy.  This includes:

  • a growing network of more than 1,100 GlobalScots
  • 11 Trade Envoys in Indonesia, UAE, Spain, Singapore, Scotland, Poland and USA
  • alumni and diaspora groups
  • public and private sector bodies (e.g. Creative Scotland, Universities Scotland) with their own international connections

The 2022 EY Annual Attractiveness 2022 survey found Scotland was the most successful nation or region in the UK outside London for the 7th year running, in attracting Foreign Direct Investment. Read the EY’s 2022 Attractiveness Survey.

Scottish Enterprise figures show that support from trade and inward investment agency Scottish Development International (SDI) to companies across Scotland in 2021-22 will result in £1.44 billion of planned international sales over the next three years.  

Scotland’s international network has served and been supported by Ministers from a range of administrations for decades. The work of the network is in line with the Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Executive which also maintain networks of international offices.


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