1. Statistics

    22 Mar 2019

    Scottish natural capital: ecosystem service accounts 2019

    This publication, prepared by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), presents estimates of the quantity and value of ten services being supplied by Scottish natural capital.

  2. Publication

    20 Feb 2019

    Scottish climate change adaptation programme 2019-2024: strategic environmental assessment

    This SEA investigates the likely significant effects on the environment.

  3. Consultation analysis

    16 Feb 2019

    Developing an environment strategy for Scotland: analysis of responses to online discussion

    Independent analysis of responses to our June to August 2018 online discussion that sought views to help inform the development of an Environment Strategy for Scotland.

  4. Advice and guidance

    Biodiversity: sustainable procurement guidance

    Guidance for public bodies covering the purchase of products or services that have potential negative impacts on biodiversity.

  5. NEWS

    26 Jul 2017 10:09

    Boost for bees and butterflies

    Ten-year plan to stop decline of pollinating insects.

  6. Research and analysis

    27 Oct 2016

    Biodiversity duty reporting: guidance

    Guidance to help public bodies produce their biodiversity duty report.

  7. Strategy/plan

    25 Jun 2015

    Scotland's biodiversity: a route map to 2020

    This route map sets out the priority work needed to meet the international Aichi Targets for biodiversity and improve the state of nature in Scotland.

  8. Strategy/plan

    19 Jun 2013

    2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity

    A strategy for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in Scotland.

  9. Corporate report

    01 Sep 2004

    Scotland's biodiversity: it's in your hands

    A strategy for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in Scotland, published in September 2004.