1. Delivering Scotland's Blue Economy approach

    Sets out the first phase of delivery towards our Blue Economy Vision (published March 2022). It provides a clear picture of where we are now in relation to the six Blue Economy outcomes and sets out our next steps in delivering a collaborative approach in Scotland.

  2. Ocean literacy survey: headline findings

    Headline findings from an online survey with the public in Scotland on the topic of ocean literacy - exploring the public's understanding of the marine environment. It is part of a wider project covering England and Wales.

  3. Climate change - public engagement: survey results 2022

    Results of a representative survey of the Scottish public, focused on attitudes and engagement with climate change. The results will act as a baseline for the Public Engagement Strategy for Climate Change.

  4. Scotland leads global action for nature.

    Environment Minister welcomes international support for Edinburgh Declaration.

  5. National marine plan 2: engagement strategy

    Stakeholder engagement strategy and statement of public participation for Scotland's national marine plan 2.

  6. Edinburgh Declaration on post-2020 global biodiversity framework

    Setting out the aspirations and commitments of the Scottish Government, Edinburgh Process partners, and the wider subnational constituency of the Convention on Biological Diversity, in delivering for nature over the coming decade.

  7. Accelerating action to tackle nature and climate crises

    More funding to support biodiversity projects.

  8. Regional Land Use Partnerships: phase 1 process evaluation - final report

    The Regional Land Use Partnerships (RLUPs) evaluation report considers the lessons learned from the Year 1 (2021 to 2022) pilot process. The report was completed by SAC Consulting and outlines key early findings from RLUP pilot establishment.

  9. Marine Protected Areas in inshore waters: guidance for undertaking Socio-Economic Impact Assessments (SEIA)

    Guidance for assessing social and economic impacts from policies and decisions relating to Marine Protected Areas.

  10. Seafood strategy

    Affirms the importance of the seafood sector and sets out how we are supporting industry to contribute to achieving our blue economy aspirations.

  11. Seabird flight height data collection at an offshore wind farm: final report

    Understanding seabird flight heights and behaviour in and around operational offshore wind farms is a priority knowledge gap. Using aircraft mounted LiDAR technology, this study collected data on seabird flight height and shows the potential for using it in offshore windfarm impact assessments.

  12. Digital aerial seabird and cetacean surveys off the east coast of Scotland

    This report provides eight digital aerial surveys of seabirds and marine mammals across the seas east of Scotland between February 2020-January 2021, a task driven by the need of updating existing data. The main difference was seen in seabird distribution, with little change to cetacean abundance.

  13. National Islands Plan: implementation route map 2022

    Details how we will deliver our priorities over the lifetime of the National Islands Plan. It identifies the methods to monitor progress towards fulfilling the many commitments in the Plan and sets out timescales for delivery of our work.

  14. Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement 2022: advisory notes

    Advisory notes to accompany Revised 2022 Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, September 2022.

  15. Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement Review: report to Scottish Parliament

    Statutory report to Scottish Parliament on review of Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, September 2022.

  16. Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement 2022

    Land reform in Scotland, including matters relating to the ownership, use and management of land and associated rights and responsibilities, is continually evolving. The Statement has been revised to ensure it remains relevant to informing policy and practice around land issues in Scotland.

  17. Fisheries management strategy 2020 to 2030: delivery plan

    The delivery plan supports the delivery of outcomes and policies set out in Scotland’s Future Fisheries Strategy and will help stakeholders understand the progress so far in delivering key aspects of the strategy so far, indicating timelines for delivery of actions over the next 10 years.

  18. Bird stomach contents analysis - final report: Goosander and Cormorant diet on four Scottish rivers 2019 to 2020

    This study analysed the stomach contents of goosanders and cormorants collected from the Rivers Tweed, Dee, Nith and Spey during 2019 and 2020 in order to to assess whether there was evidence of substantial changes in the diets of these species of fish-eating birds since the 1990s.

  19. Scottish City Region and Growth Deals: carbon management guidance for projects and programmes

    Guidance for project owners on managing carbon emissions associated with Scottish City Region and Growth Deal projects.

  20. Agricultural transition in Scotland - first steps towards our national policy: consultation analysis

    Analysis of the responses received to the Agricultural Transition in Scotland consultation. The consultation was carried out between August 2021 and November 2021.

  21. Understanding the local economic impacts of natural capital investment

    This report outlines new economic analysis that quantifies the typical contributions to local economies, measured as output and jobs created, from four key natural capital investments, including peatland restoration and woodland creation.

  22. NHS Scotland climate emergency and sustainability strategy: 2022-2026

    This document sets out plans for NHS Scotland to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and impact on the environment, adapt to climate change and to better contribute to the United Nation sustainable development goals. It has been developed by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland Assure.

  23. Scotland at Expo 2020 Dubai: evaluation report

    An evaluation report detailing the work undertaken in developing and delivering Scotland's programme of activity and engagement at the EXPO 2020 Dubai between October 2021 and March 2022, highlighting outcomes achieved and recommendations to support participation at future World Expo events.

  24. Publication of Salmon fishing: Proposed river gradings 2023 Consultation

    We are seeking views on the proposed river gradings for the 2023 wild Atlantic salmon fishing season.

  25. Land reform in a Net Zero Nation: consultation paper

    The next Land Reform Bill will make important changes to the framework of law and policy that govern the system of ownership, management and use of land in Scotland. This consultation sets out the Scottish Government's proposals for the Bill and seeks views on a range of land-related issues.

  26. Development of a novel physiology tag to measure oxygen consumption in free-ranging seabirds: research

    This project took initial steps to develop a new type of tag that can measure energy expenditure of seabirds. To do this, the project adapted a Near-infrared spectroscopy system for humans, that can measure muscle oxygen saturation, and deployed the new tags on European shags.

  27. Fish and fisheries research to inform ScotMER evidence gaps and future strategic research in the UK: review

    This study undertook a literature review and consultation with key stakeholders to establish current knowledge for evidence gaps identified in the ScotMER Fish and Fisheries evidence map. This report includes research recommendations to help fill remaining strategic priority gaps.

  28. Offshore wind developments assessment - seabird collision risk, displacement and barrier effects: study

    This project developed a new framework to enable the assessment of collision, displacement and barrier effects on seabirds from offshore renewable developments to be integrated into a single overall assessment of combined impacts.

  29. Assessing fisheries displacement by other licensed marine activities: good practice guidance

    This project developed ‘Good Practice Guidance for Assessing Fisheries Displacement’ through a detailed literature review and consultation with the ScotMER Fish and Fisheries Receptor Group (FFSRG), commercial fisheries industry, offshore energy and regulatory sectors.

  30. Assessing fisheries displacement by other licensed marine activities: good practice guidance - literature review

    This project developed ‘Good Practice Guidance for Assessing Fisheries Displacement’ through a detailed literature review and consultation with the ScotMER Fish and Fisheries Receptor Group (FFSRG), commercial fisheries industry, offshore energy and regulatory sectors.

  31. Develop best practice recommendations for combining seabird study data collected from different platforms: study

    This study developed best practice guidance to combine seabird survey data collected from different platforms based on a literature review, expert knowledge and a bespoke model development including sensitivity analysis. This can be used in environmental assessments for planning and licensing.

  32. Improving Our Understanding of Seabird Behaviour at Sea

    This project collated tracking data from five seabird species thought to be vulnerable to offshore wind farms. These data were analysed to understand whether seabird distribution data, usually undertaken in daytime, good weather conditions, were representative of behaviour in other conditions.

  33. Impact of climate change on seabird species off the east coast of Scotland and potential implications for environmental assessments: study

    This study investigated the potential impacts of climate change on seabird distribution, abundance and demography off the east coast of Scotland, and examined integration of these climate models into standard population forecast models used in assessments for offshore wind developments.

  34. Biodiversity strategy: consultation

    Biodiversity is vital for us all and it is in crisis, globally and in Scotland, so we need to change the way we use natural resources. We are seeking views on how we should tackle the biodiversity crisis through a new biodiversity strategy which will drive this transformation.

  35. Transformative change to protect Scotland’s nature

    Ambitious proposals to halt biodiversity loss.

  36. Land use strategy: annual progress report 2021/2022

    Third annual progress report on Scotland's land use strategy, as required under Section 37A of The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019. It covers the period of March 2021 to March 2022.

  37. Protecting and enhancing nature

    More funding for local nature restoration projects.

  38. Delivering Scotland's circular economy - proposed Circular Economy Bill: consultation

    This consultation seeks views on our proposals for legislation to develop Scotland’s circular economy. The consultation sets out a number of areas in which we are seeking views on whether to take powers within a new Circular Economy Bill.

  39. Response to the Climate Change Committee: progress reducing emissions – report to Parliament 2021

    In December 2021, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published its annual report on progress in reducing emissions in Scotland, assessing the government’s climate change mitigation activity. This report addresses the CCC’s recommendations.

  40. Climate Change Plan: monitoring reports 2022

    The second annual statutory monitoring report against the updated 2018 Climate Change Plan, as per the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019.

  41. Review of the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement: analysis of consultation responses

    A report on the analysis of the responses to the consultation on the Review of the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

  42. Scottish Natural Capital Accounts 2022

    This report estimates quantity and value of services supplied by Scotland's natural capital.

  43. Blue Economy Vision launch

    Move to make Scotland a global leader in marine management.

  44. A Blue Economy Vision for Scotland

    Sets out our long-term ambition for Scotland’s blue economy to 2045. It demonstrates how much we value our marine environment and its significance. This is captured in six outcomes sitting across a range of environmental, social and economic ambitions.

  45. Marine proposed Special Protection Areas strategic environmental assessment: post adoption statement

    A strategic environmental assessment post adoption statement setting out how the assessment and consultation responses have been taken into account in the introduction of Special Protection Areas.

  46. Honey bee health strategy survey 2022: analysis

    Results of a survey we carried out to gather the views of the beekeeping community and those with an interest in honey bees to identify areas to help guide the direction of the new 10-year honey bee health strategy.

  47. Environment strategy for Scotland: progress report

    The first annual report to Parliament on progress in developing the Environment Strategy for Scotland, as required under the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Act 2021.

  48. National Islands Plan: annual report 2021

    The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 requires that a report is presented to Parliament each year setting out the progress made towards delivery of the National Islands Plan.

  49. Fisheries - future catching policy: consultation

    Scotland’s future catching policy (FCP) is a key component of our fisheries management strategy. It will develop new rules, in cooperation with stakeholders, to regulate activity at sea in order to support the increased accountability and sustainability of Scottish fisheries.

  50. Good Food Nation - programme of measures: interim update 2022

    A report on the progress made on Scotland's Good Food Nation ambitions.

  51. Proposal to designate Red Rocks and Longay as a Marine Protected Area: consultation

    An overview of the consultation to designate a new Marine Protected Area within the Inner Sound of Skye, including short summaries of the available documentation. The MPA will protect flapper skate and their eggs as well as the geodiversity feature, Quaternary of Scotland.

  52. Scottish Wild Salmon Strategy

    The Scottish Wild Salmon Strategy sets out the vision, objectives and priority themes to ensure the protection and recovery of Scottish Atlantic wild salmon populations.

  53. New species of soft coral discovered in Scottish waters

    Find underlines importance of biodiversity.

  54. Big ambitions for Wee Forests

    Connecting people and nature.

  55. Scotland's Climate Assembly - recommendations for action: SG response

    Scotland's Climate Assembly published their full report on 23 June 2021. It included 81 recommendations for the Scottish Government, who had six months to respond. This response sets out the existing and proposed actions that government will take in order to address their recommendations.

  56. Pesticide usage in Scotland: soft fruit 2020

    This publication presents information from a survey of pesticide use on soft fruit crops grown in Scotland during 2020.

  57. Showcasing agricultural climate action

    Peer to peer network to launch.

  58. Guiding principles on the environment: draft statutory guidance

    Draft statutory guidance on the guiding principles on the environment and the duties set out in Part 2 of the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Act 2021.

  59. NHS Scotland climate emergency and sustainability strategy 2022 to 2026 - draft: consultation

    The Scottish Government and NHS Assure have developed a draft Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy 2022 to 2026 for NHS Scotland. The consultation period has been extended until 10 March 2022. Comments should be returned on the template in the supporting documents by email.

  60. Expanded funding to restore and protect nature

    £55 million for nature restoration and biodiversity projects.

  61. California signs Scotland’s world-leading nature declaration

    Governments and cities encouraged to take action for nature at COP26.

  62. Conserving wild salmon

    More than £500,000 to study the pressures faced from pollution and climate change.

  63. Climate change - Net Zero Nation: public engagement strategy

    Sets out our overarching framework for engaging the people of Scotland in the transition to a net zero nation which is prepared for the effects of our changing climate.

  64. Land use strategy 2016-2021: second annual progress report

    Second annual progress report on the land use strategy, as required under Section 37A of The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019. It covers the period of March 2020 to March 2021.

  65. Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 implementation: report to the Scottish Parliament - 2020

    Report detailing progress of the work carried out in 2020 through the implementation of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.

  66. Climate change - Net Zero Nation - draft public engagement strategy: consultation analysis

    Analysis of the responses to the public consultation on the climate change - Net Zero Nation: draft public engagement strategy, which sets out our framework for engaging the people of Scotland in the transition to a net zero nation which is prepared for the effects of our changing climate.

  67. Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 - Towards a Better Place for Everyone

    A new air quality strategy to replace Cleaner Air for Scotland - The Road to a Healthier Future, setting out the Scottish Government's air quality policy framework for the next five years and a series of actions to deliver further air quality improvements.

  68. Cleaner Air for Scotland 2: delivery plan

    A plan setting out timelines, milestones and responsible organisations for delivering the actions in Cleaner Air for Scotland 2: towards a better place for everyone.

  69. Deer Working Group recommendations: Scottish Government response

    Scottish Government Response to the Report from the independent Deer Working Group on ‘The management of wild deer in Scotland’

  70. Land use - getting the best from our land: strategy 2021 to 2026

    Scotland's Third Land Use Strategy sets out our vision, objectives and policies to achieve sustainable land use. The strategy covers the next five years and aims to provide a more holistic understanding of our land, the demands we place upon it and the benefits we get from our land.

  71. Bioenergy: update - March 2021

    Considers the potential role for bioenergy to support our net zero greenhouse emissions targets and outlines how we intend to move forward over the next 18 to 24 months to understand the most appropriate and sustainable use of bioenergy resources in Scotland.

  72. Environment, natural resources and agriculture research: strategy 2022 to 2027

    We fund a multi-million pound portfolio of research on the environment, natural resources and agriculture. This strategy outlines our vision, priorities and mechanisms for funding the next cycle of research which starts in 2022.

  73. Crofting - national development plan: equality impact assessment

    Results of the equality impact assessment (EQIA) undertaken in respect of the national development plan for crofting.

  74. Crofting: national development plan

    This plan highlights the core elements necessary to ensure that crofting remains at the heart of our rural and remote rural communities.

  75. Crofting - national development plan: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment - screening report

    A screening report for a Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) completed for the national development plan for crofting.

  76. Scotland's Environment and Economy Leaders' Group - Tackling the climate emergency and sharing our stories

    Tackling the climate emergency and sharing our stories sets out commitments and ambitious action plans from Scotland's Environment and Economy Leaders' Group.

  77. Climate Change Plan 2018-2032 - update: strategic environmental assessment - draft

    Draft strategic environmental assessment of the update to the Climate Change Plan 2018 to 2032. The appendices are available as a supporting file on this page.

  78. Securing a green recovery on a path to net zero: climate change plan 2018–2032 - update

    This update to Scotland's 2018-2032 Climate Change Plan sets out the Scottish Government's pathway to our new and ambitious targets set by the Climate Change Act 2019. It is a key strategic document on our green recovery from COVID-19.

  79. 30% of Scotland’s land to be protected for nature

    Next steps on tackling biodiversity loss published.

  80. Scottish biodiversity strategy post-2020: statement of intent

    Sets the direction for a new biodiversity strategy which will respond to the increased urgency for action to tackle the twin challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change.

  81. Scottish Forestry - corporate plan: consultation analysis

    Results of the consultation on the draft corporate plan for Scottish Forestry, which lays out the proposed direction of travel and priorities for the next three years, the proposed purpose and role, and the three strategic objectives that will frame the delivery of Scottish Forestry’s work.

  82. Driven grouse moors - socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts: summary report

    A summary report of findings from research into socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts of driven grouse moors and the employment rights of gamekeepers

  83. International declaration agreed

    Calls for global biodiversity action at all levels.

  84. Improving protection given to Priority Marine Features: responses to scoping consultation

    Summary of responses received to our consultation on the scoping of the project to improve protection of Priority Marine Features outside the Marine Protected Area network.

  85. Scottish natural capital: ecosystem service accounts 2019

    This publication, prepared by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), presents estimates of the quantity and value of ten services being supplied by Scottish natural capital.

  86. Scottish climate change adaptation programme 2019-2024: strategic environmental assessment

    This SEA investigates the likely significant effects on the environment.

  87. Developing an environment strategy for Scotland: analysis of responses to online discussion

    Independent analysis of responses to our June to August 2018 online discussion that sought views to help inform the development of an Environment Strategy for Scotland.

  88. Boost for bees and butterflies

    Ten-year plan to stop decline of pollinating insects.

  89. Biodiversity duty reporting: guidance

    This guidance has been superseded by guidance at

  90. Scotland's biodiversity: a route map to 2020

    This route map sets out the priority work needed to meet the international Aichi Targets for biodiversity and improve the state of nature in Scotland.

  91. 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity

    A strategy for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in Scotland.

  92. Scotland's biodiversity: it's in your hands

    A strategy for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in Scotland, published in September 2004.

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