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Thank you to the project steering group and public bodies for reviewing the draft guidance document and providing comments. We would also like to thank the LBAP officer network for the original template upon which this guidance and the revised template were built.

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This guidance has been developed by Risk & Policy Analysts ( RPA) Ltd as part of the Scottish Government funded research contract 'Evaluation of the Compliance and Quality of Biodiversity Duty Reports 2015'.


Public bodies in Scotland must publish a biodiversity duty report every three years.

This guidance document aims to help you produce your organisation's biodiversity duty report.

  • It suggests activities that you can undertake and report upon;
  • It includes example activities from other public bodies; and
  • It makes suggestions on how you might want to present your report.

This guidance includes a template you can use but there is no set format or layout for the biodiversity duty reports.

Public bodies can use whatever format they wish to report upon the activities they have carried out to meet their biodiversity duty.

The ideas and suggestions included in this guidance document are just that - suggestions to help you produce a report that fits the opportunities available to your organisation.

Your biodiversity report must be made publically available, preferably online.

Tell others what you do

One of the most important ways you can make a difference for biodiversity ( i.e. nature) is to tell others what action/s you are taking, no matter how small. We inspire and motivate each other this way.

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