Biodiversity duty reporting: guidance

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5 Further information

There is a range of useful resources that you can use to help you identify what to include in your reports as well as activities that you can undertake to improve biodiversity conservation and sustainability more generally.

The Biodiversity Scotland website ( contains a lot of useful resources and information including:

  • More details on the biodiversity duty;
  • Help with planning how you can take action for biodiversity; and
  • Practical guidance on how to deliver your biodiversity duty.

The National Biodiversity Network ( NBN) website has a range of tools, resources and publications ( These include guidance documents on improving wildlife data, and running a biological recording scheme or survey guidebook. Membership of the NBN is free or discounted to organisations that supply data directly to the NBN Gateway up to the supporter level, providing certain criteria are met [7] . Membership enables you to utilise networking opportunities such as fora and events.

The Sustainable Scotland Network ( SSN) is focused on improving Scottish public sector performance on sustainability and climate change. Although not specifically targeted at biodiversity conservation or the biodiversity duty, the SSN includes a lot of resources that could be of use when developing your report (

Other useful links include:

  • Beat the Micro Bead - this provides information and a link to download a mobile phone app on the use of plastics in cosmetics and other products (

Partnership working

  • National and local third sector organisations and other public bodies may provide you with opportunities to get involved with biodiversity and conservation works. They may be able to offer access to additional funding from projects ( e.g. through grants), specialist training and knowledge.

Useful links include:


Email: Land Use and Biodiversity Team,

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