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Scottish biodiversity strategy post-2020: statement of intent

Sets the direction for a new biodiversity strategy which will respond to the increased urgency for action to tackle the twin challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change.

14 Dec 2020
Scottish biodiversity strategy post-2020: statement of intent

This high level Statement of Intent recognises delays in the international negotiations to deliver a new global biodiversity framework and provides some direction in response, including setting out our ambition and signalling our priorities as we progress towards our own, new, Scottish biodiversity strategy. This document builds on our active leadership role in the international negotiations, making it clear that we stand together with governments across the world, ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of the new global biodiversity framework, and to continue to deliver strongly for biodiversity at home. The Statement of Intent announces that we will add our voice to those of leaders around the world sending a united signal to step up global ambition for biodiversity, by endorsing the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, launched at the United Nations General Assembly in September. We are also committing, now, to increasing protected areas for nature to at least 30% of our terrestrial area by 2030. We will commission advice from NatureScot on how best to achieve this, and on whether we can go even further, as we already have in the Marine environment, achieving 37% protection. And we will commit, through our work on National Planning Framework 4, to develop ambitious new proposals which will deliver positive effects for biodiversity through development. All of these developments will be taken forward and consolidated in a new, high level, policy focused biodiversity strategy which we will develop, taking account of the new global biodiversity framework and of the views of a wide range of stakeholders. The new strategy will stand alone, emphasising and responding to our new understanding of the increased urgency for action to tackle biodiversity loss, hand in hand with climate change. In the meantime, we will continue to deliver under our existing biodiversity strategy until it is replaced and enhance effort where possible.