Marketing of Organic Heterogeneous Material (OHM): consultation results

Consultation results on the proposed legislative options and scope of marketing organic heterogenous material (OHM) in Scotland.


The Marketing of Organic Heterogeneous Material (OHM) consultation ran for 12 weeks from 31 October 2023 to 23 January 2024 on the Scottish Government Citizen Space website and gained a total of 30 responses.

The purpose of this consultation was to seek views from individuals and companies including Professional Seed Operators (seed merchants, seed processors, seed packers), Licensed Crop Inspectors, Licensed Seed Samplers, Licensed Seed Testing Stations (LSTS), representative bodies, farmers and interested members of the public on the Scottish Government's proposal to:

1) Introduce secondary legislation that will permit and regulate the production and marketing of plant reproductive material of an organic and heterogeneous nature in Scotland.

2) Method of delivery:

  • The legislative mechanisms by which OHM might be marketed
  • The scope of species any new legislation should apply to

All background information regarding the definition of organic heterogeneous material, the EU temporary experiment with heterogeneous material which supports the current proposals, as well as the current UK marketing regulations can be sourced from the consultation paper.



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