Biodiversity strategy

We published our final-draft Biodiversity strategy to 2045: tackling the nature emergency in December 2022. This sets out our vision for halting biodiversity loss by 2030 and reversing declines by 2045.

This will be designated as our formal biodiversity strategy following a consultation on the full strategic framework of strategy and supporting delivery plan in 2023.

The existing biodiversity strategy is made up of two documents:

While the objectives of the 2004 publication are still valid, the way we are taking forward the strategy has changed.

Reporting on progress

The Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 requires us to report on our progress with the strategy every three years.

We published the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy: progress report 2014-2016 in July 2017. It records the progress we’ve made and highlights the challenges which lie ahead if we are to meet the aims of the 2020 challenge for Scotland’s biodiversity.

View previous progress reports in the archive.

Governance structure

The Scottish Biodiversity Strategy (SBS) Coordination Group, chaired by NatureScot, oversees reporting and the delivery of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy.

Find further governance information on the NatureScot website.

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