We aim to promote the sustainable management and protection of soils, consistent with the economic, social and environmental needs of Scotland.

Soils are a valuable but vulnerable natural asset, requiring sustainable and effective management. They contribute to both economic and environmental functions in many industries, including farming, forestry and tourism.

We contribute towards the maintenance, management and protection of Scotland’s soils through our planning, biodiversity, agriculture, and water environment policies.

To help soils to adapt to pressures under a changing climate, we published a Scottish Soil Framework in 2009 to raise awareness about the services provided, and pressures faced, by soils.

Find more information on the Scotland’s soils website.


Peatlands form 20% of Scotland’s land. In the National Peatland Plan we set out a vision for protecting, managing and restoring our peatlands.

The Peatland Action program led by NatureScot is supporting land managers to restore degraded peatlands.

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