Scottish Transport Statistics No 29: 2010 Edition

Has figures on (e.g.) road vehicles, traffic, accidents, bus and rail passengers, road and rail freight, air and water transport, finance, personal travel and international comparisons.

Table 5.15 UK Carbon Dioxide emissions: grams per passenger-kilometre, 2007 1

grams of CO 2 per pass-km

Petrol cars

130 2

Diesel cars

124 2

All Cars (average)

128 2

Petrol motorbike





National rail


Light rail and tram



Domestic flights 3

173 4

Short haul international 3

99 4

Long haul international 3

113 4

Source: DEFRA - Not National Statistics
1. Sources: Figures are taken from the 2009 Guidelines to Defra/ DECC's Conversion Factors to Company Reporting, 2009, Defra/ DECC. All figures are estimated using data for GB/ UK as a whole so do not specifically relate to Scotland.
2. All Car figures assume an average car occupancy rate of 1.6 passengers (Carbon Pathways Analysis, 2008, Department for Transport)
3. The long haul estimate is based on a flight length from the Guidelines of of 6482 km, short haul 1108km and domestic 463km.
4. In keeping with evidence from the IPCC, a 9% upflift factor has been applied to allow for sub-optimal routing and stacking at airports during periods of heavy congestion

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