Economic Report on Scottish Agriculture 2011 Edition

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Section C: June Agricultural Census


Final national results from the 2010 June Agricultural Census along with trends over the past 10 years were published in a Statistical Publication on 16th December 2010. The publication contains commentary, graphics and tables, along with background information on the June Agricultural Census and is available at:

Section C of the Economic Report on Scottish Agriculture compliments the publication above by providing further analysis of 2010 June Agricultural Census results, including:

  • An overview of the geographic distribution of farms by their main type of activity.
  • A comparison of national results with other UK countries for land use and livestock.
  • Sub-national analysis by geographic region and the Less Favoured Areas (LFA) classification.
  • Farm size distributions based on holding areas and livestock populations.
  • Sub-national analysis by farm type, Standard Gross Margines (SGM) and Standard Labour Requirements (SLR).

The content of Section C has changed from previous years due to the outcome of a wider publication review of Agricultural Statistics. Details of this Publication Review is available on the Scotstat website and was discussed by stakeholders on the Scotstat Committee for Agriculture at the November 2010 meeting:

Key changes to Section C:

  • Increasing the amount of commentary and graphics.
  • Expanding the geographical analysis to include results by regional groupings, and ceasing the separate annual publication of "Scottish Agricultural Census Summary Sheets by Geographical Area".
  • Minimising duplication between Section C and the content of the new series of statistical publications on the June Agricultural Census 1, December Agricultural Survey 2 and Cereal and Oilseed Rape Harvest 3, 4.
  • Removing detailed crop area distributions for specific crops (but making these available on request).
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