1. National drugs mission funds: guidance

    Information and guidance for the National Drugs Mission Funds to reduce drug related deaths and harms.

  2. Minimum Unit Pricing reducing alcohol deaths

    Report estimates the policy has saved hundreds of lives.

  3. Prison to Rehab Protocol

    The Prison to Rehab Protocol sets out the process for prison based staff, residential rehabilitation providers and individuals on accessing the Prison to Rehab Pathway. The pathway supports individuals leaving prison who would benefit from accessing abstinence based treatment on release.

  4. Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities March 2023 report

    Annual update of the long-term monitoring of health inequalities headline indicators.

  5. Suspected drug deaths in Scotland: October to December 2022

    This quarterly report presents Police Scotland management information to provide an indication of current trends in suspected drug deaths in Scotland.

  6. Recorded Crime in Scotland: year ending December 2022

    Statistics on crimes and offences recorded by the police in Scotland in the year ending December 2022, split by crime or offence group and by local authority.

  7. Increasing drugs services

    £14 million for additional residential rehabilitation capacity.

  8. Justice Analytical Services (JAS): Safer Communities and Justice Statistics Monthly Data Report: February 2023 edition

    This report contains summary statistics covering a number of important justice and safer communities statistics. It is published with up to date statistics every month.

  9. Justice Social Work Statistics in Scotland: 2021-22

    This publication presents national-level information on justice social work activity in Scotland. It includes data on justice social work services and social work orders, as well as characteristics of the individuals involved.

  10. Alcohol licensing: guidance

    Guidance on alcohol licensing, personal licences and alcohol byelaws.

  11. Opening of Mother and Child Recovery House

    Dundee facility the first of two run by children’s charity Aberlour.

  12. Response to Drug Deaths Taskforce report

    Cross-government action plan backed by £68 million.

  13. Drugs services and support over festive season.

    Minister outlines where help is available during the holiday period. 

  14. Increasing residential rehabilitation capacity

    Fund reopens for applications.

  15. Minimum Unit Pricing reducing alcohol consumption

    Minister welcomes research which concludes measure has cut sales.

  16. Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADP) 2021/22 annual returns: summary report

    Summary of responses to the Scottish Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) annual survey. Its main aim is to evidence progress of the National Mission by providing information on the activity undertaken by ADPs.

  17. New family drugs treatment service

    First Minister opens new facility to support parents and their children.

  18. Further action to reduce alcohol-related harm

    Consultation launched on plans to restrict advertising.

  19. Restricting alcohol advertising and promotion: consultation

    This consultation seeks views on potential restrictions to alcohol advertising and promotion in Scotland.

  20. Scottish Health Survey 2021 published

    Scotland’s Chief Statistician released The Scottish Health Survey 2021 today. This publication provides information on the health of adults and children in Scotland.

  21. Extension to Edinburgh recovery service

    Residential rehabilitation capacity increased through Scottish Government funding.

  22. £65 million support for drugs services

    Frontline and third sector organisations invited to apply.

  23. New custodial unit for women

    Glasgow centre is aimed at transforming support for women in custody.

  24. Drugs deaths situation remains ‘unacceptable’

    Official statistics for 2021 show decrease of 1%.

  25. Update on Medication Assisted Treatment Standards

    Minister details new oversight arrangements to drive improvement.

  26. Residential rehabilitation study published.

    Review finds positive outcomes associated with the treatment.

  27. £25 million funding for drugs services

    Almost 80 projects set to benefit.

  28. Sexual Assault Response Coordination Service (SARCS): information

    This leaflet provides information on how to Self-refer to a Sexual Assault Response Coordination Service (SARCS). It provides information on accessing healthcare through NHS Scotland for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

  29. Additional drug rehabilitation services for women with children

    Funding for two dedicated Mother and Child Recovery Houses.

  30. Treatment target for people with problematic drug use

    Aim to have more people accessing opioid treatments.

  31. Latest suspected drug deaths report.

    Figures show 8% decrease.

  32. Signing up to save a life

    Thousands respond to national naloxone campaign.

  33. Firefighters to carry life-saving naloxone

    Staff are being invited to take part in a trial.

  34. New vision for justice

    Victims placed at the heart of ensuring just, safe, and resilient communities.

  35. Listening to those with Lived and Living Experience

    Ensuring the experiences of people affected by drugs are acted upon.

  36. New Drug Deaths Taskforce vice-chair

    Former Chief Nursing Officer takes up the post.

  37. New Drug Deaths Taskforce Chair

    Former police chief will take up the role with immediate effect.

  38. Tackling the stigma of addiction

    National campaign launched to address the issue.

  39. Expanding access to Residential Rehabilitation in Scotland

    Funding released to drugs projects.

  40. Coronavirus (COVID-19): clinical guidance on the use of Buvidal in prisons

    Guidance for the use of Buvidal for opiate substitution treatment in prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  41. Preventing drug deaths

    Free phone line launched to help drugs users stay safe.

  42. Preventing deaths from overdose

    National campaign launched to help save lives.

  43. Expanding access to naloxone

    Consultation on making life-saving drug more widely available.

  44. Emergency response to drug overdose

    Ambulance clinicians issue life-saving kits.

  45. Funding for community drugs projects

    More than £1.5 million to improve support.   

  46. Positive report on the use of Buvidal in prisons

    Study shows benefits for patients and staff.

  47. Increasing capacity for drugs services

    Funding to help get more people into treatment.

  48. Alcohol sales fell to 26-year low in 2020

    Minister welcomes figures but pledges further action

  49. Funding for new treatment standards for drug users

    Implementation Group meets for the first time.

  50. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) standards: access, choice, support

    Evidence based standards to enable the consistent delivery of safe, accessible, high-quality drug treatment across Scotland. These are relevant to people and families accessing or in need of services, and health and social care staff responsible for delivery of recovery oriented systems of care.

  51. Funds open for drugs services

    Applications can be made for a share of £18 million.

  52. Funding allocations for drug services

    Minister outlines plans for £18 million investment.

  53. Funding new ways to reduce drugs deaths

    More than £500,000 to improve services.

  54. International approaches to drug law reform: research

    This paper reviews the international evidence on approaches to drug law reform, focussing on seven case studies from five jurisdictions.

  55. Residential rehabilitation provision

    Survey sets out current capacity in Scotland.

  56. Residential rehabilitation: status report on current levels of capacity

    This survey was designed to provide a cross-sectional snapshot of the residential rehabilitation national landscape in Scotland.

  57. Action on drugs deaths

    Funding for residential rehabilitation.

  58. Over £16 billion investment in health

    Funding for NHS, mental health and drug services.

  59. More than £250 million for drug deaths emergency

    First Minister outlines a range of actions to tackle the crisis.  

  60. Family lifesavers

    Project to help relatives of drug users.

  61. Take-home Naloxone to save lives

    Kits distributed to those at risk of overdose.

  62. Rights Respect and Recovery - alcohol and drug treatment strategy: action plan 2019 to 2021 (version 2)

    Actions, milestones and timeframes for implementing the 'Rights, respect and recovery' alcohol and drug treatment strategy.

  63. Drug-related death statistics 2019

    Figures underline scale of challenge.

  64. Residential Rehabilitation Working Group: drug and alcohol residential treatment services - recommendations

    This report provides a set of recommendations to the Scottish Government and other partners involved in reducing the harms caused by problematic use of alcohol and drugs - recommendations which aim to improve access to residential rehabilitation treatment.

  65. Scottish Health Survey 2019 published

    Scotland’s Chief Statistician today released the Scottish Health Survey 2019, providing information on the health, and factors relating to health, of adults and children in Scotland.

  66. Drug Deaths Taskforce marks first year

    Funding announced for research projects across Scotland.

  67. Supporting people affected by drug use

    Over £2 million for new package of support during coronavirus (COVID-19).

  68. Coronavirus (COVID-19): opiate substitution treatment in prisons - Chief Medical Officer letter

    Letter from the interim Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith about opiate substitution treatment in prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  69. Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for alcohol and drug services

    Information about how we are supporting alcohol and drug services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  70. Supporting people affected by alcohol and drug use

    Addressing the impact of COVID-19.

  71. Increased funding for preventing drug deaths

    Frontline services to benefit from an extra £20 million.

  72. Scotland hosts major drugs conference

    Experts discuss ways of cutting drug deaths.

  73. Scottish drugs conference announced

    Future policy to be shaped by people’s experience.

  74. Increasing access to life-saving medication

    Drug Deaths Taskforce funds ‘take-home naloxone’ programme.

  75. Call for immediate engagement on drugs deaths

    Public Health Minister writes to the Home Secretary.

  76. First Minister leads Scottish delegation to British-Irish Council

    Tackling substance misuse on the agenda.

  77. First drug deaths meeting takes place in Edinburgh

    People with lived experience will help shape services.

  78. Taskforce to tackle drug deaths emergency

    £20m to support expert group to reduce drug harms.

  79. Renewed call for Home Office action on drug deaths

    Public Health Minister writes to Home Secretary.

  80. Call for urgent meeting on drug deaths

    Public Health Minister writes to the Home Secretary.

  81. Alcohol and Drug Partnerships: delivery framework

    Framework for local partnerships between health boards, local authorities, police and voluntary agencies working to reduce the use of and harms from alcohol and drugs. 

  82. Statistics show highest ever level of drug deaths

    Minister calls for consumption room approval.

  83. 1,187 drug-deaths in 2018: up 27% in a year

    National Statistics publication for Scotland.

  84. Chair of new Drug Deaths Taskforce appointed

    Professor Catriona Matheson will lead the group.

  85. Alcohol sales fall to 25 year low

    Signs of impact of minimum unit pricing on alcohol sales.

  86. Drug Seizures and Offender Characteristics, 2017-18

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  87. New drug driving laws and roadside testing to improve road safety

    Zero tolerance for people caught driving with illegal drugs in their system.

  88. Drink-drive limit: policy

    Information on the drink-drive limit in Scotland and the policy behind it.

  89. Improving alcohol and drug treatment

    National strategy focuses on people’s needs and their families.

  90. Rights, respect and recovery: alcohol and drug treatment strategy

    Scotland’s strategy to improve health by preventing and reducing alcohol and drug use, harm and related deaths.

  91. Alcohol brief interventions: national guidance

    Sets out national guidance for the Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABI) Local Delivery Plan (LDP) standard.

  92. Alcohol and drug treatment strategy

    Combined approach to be published next year.

  93. Lower-risk drinking guidelines: factsheet

    Information on the lower-risk drinking guidelines for men and women that were introduced on 8 January 2016.

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