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Partnership working

Alcohol and Drug Partnerships

We work with Scotland’s 31 Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs) which bring together local partners including health boards, local authorities, police and voluntary agencies. They are responsible for commissioning and developing local strategies for tackling problem alcohol and drug use and promoting recovery, based on an assessment of local needs.

These ADPs are accountable to local integrated authorities and community planning partnerships. The terms of the arrangements as agreed jointly by Scottish government, the NHS and COSLA, are set out in the joint framework for local partnerships on alcohol and drugs, published in 2009. We have published our funding allocation figures for ADPs

We have provided a contact list for the local ADPs

We produced the following guidance for ADPs:

National Organisations

We also commission the following national organisations to support the delivery of both our alcohol and drug treatment strategy and the alcohol framework 2018

Alcohol Focus Scotland works to reduce alcohol harm and the impact of alcohol on individuals, families, communities and Scotland as a whole through the implementation of effective alcohol measures.

Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems provides a trusted clinical voice on the need to reduce the impact of alcohol-related harm and evidence-based approaches to achieve this.

Lloyds Partnership Drugs Initiative promotes voluntary sector work with vulnerable children and young people affected by substance misuse.

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs support families across Scotland who are affected by substance misuse, and raise awareness of the issues affecting them.

The Scottish Drugs Forum, a national voluntary sector and membership-based drugs policy and information agency working to reduce drugs harm in Scotland.

Crew, an award-winning nationwide public health charity that aims to reduce the harm and stigma associated with psychostimulant drug use.

The Scottish Recovery Consortium, a recovery-orientated charity that builds and promotes recovery from addictions in Scotland.

NHS Health Scotland provides evidence of what works to reduce health inequalities and supports us in designing and evaluating interventions e.g minimum unit pricing.