Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Outdoor Vegetable Crops 2015

Information from a survey of pesticide use on vegetable crops grown for human consumption in Scotland during 2015.

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Table 30 Mode of action/chemical group of insecticide active substances

Area (ha) and quantity (kg) of active substances for all crops

Mode of Action Active Substance Chemical Group IRAC Group Total Vegetables Total Vegetables
        (ha) (kg)
Acetylcholinesterase ( AChE) inhibitors Oxamyl Carbamate 1A 1,001 1,764
Pirimicarb Carbamate 1A 12,990 1,793
All Ache inhibitors       13,991 3,557
Sodium channel modulators Alpha-Cypermethrin Pyrethroid 3A 761 11
Cypermethrin Pyrethroid 3A 19 <0.5
Deltamethrin Pyrethroid 3A 5,086 36
Lambda-Cyhalothrin Pyrethroid 3A 18,622 167
All sodium channel modulators       24,489 214
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ( nAChR) competitive modulators Acetamiprid Neonicotinoid 4A 77 2
Thiacloprid Neonicotinoid 4A 1,327 127
All nAChR competitive modulators       1,405 130
Voltage-dependent sodium channel blockers Indoxacarb Oxadiazines 22A 2,331 60
Chordotonal organ TRPV channel modulators Pymetrozine Pyridine azomethine derivative 9B 987 183
Inhibitors of acetyl COA carboxylase Spirotetramat Tetramic acid 23 1,265 95
All others       4,583 338
All insecticides       44,468 4,239
Area grown       16,671  

Note: Active substances have been grouped by their mode of action. Full details on mode of action classification can be found on the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee ( IRAC) webpage (6).


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