Health and social care - staff experience: report 2021

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care across Scotland during 2021.

Key Performance Indicators

Response Rate

The response rate is calculated as the percentage of questionnaires issued that have been completed and returned within the allowable time.

In total 194,442 questionnaires were issued, 15,989 more than in 2019. A total of 108,166 usable responses were received. This equates to an overall response rate of 56%, a decrease of 6 percentage points from 2019.

Employee Engagement Index Score (EEI)

The Employee Engagement Index (EEI) is calculated based on the number of responses for each point on the scale (Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) multiplied by its number value (6 to 1). These scores are added together and divided by the overall number of responses to give the score to show level of engagement.

The 2021 EEI Score for Health and Social Care is 75, a decline of one point from the 2019 score and a return to the EEI score of 2017. No EEI was published in 2018 as the response rate threshold of 60% was not achieved. In 2021 the threshold was removed.

The measurement parameters for the other two KPIs for iMatter have changed from iMatter 2021 and are therefore not comparable to previous years:

Reports Issued

88% of all teams received their EEI report in 2021. Only small teams that did not achieve 100% response rate did not receive reports (12% of all teams) in 2021, a change from 2019 when response rate of 60% was required for larger teams to receive a report.

Action Plans Agreed

Each team is invited to complete a continuous improvement action plan. 42% of teams had an agreed Action Plan in place within 8 weeks of receiving iMatter results. In 2019 58% of teams had an agreed action in place, but this was achieved over a 12-week period.



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