Health and social care - staff experience: report 2021

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care across Scotland during 2021.

Appendix 1: iMatter Survey Method

The process for distributing the iMatter questionnaire begins with a team confirmation period. Managers (at individual team level) were required to confirm their teams to ensure accuracy and that respondent information is updated. This was conducted for a period of 4 weeks where managers are required to remove any staff who have left the team, exclude staff who will not be available during the questionnaire stage and add any new staff that have joined the team. Once this process was completed, the online questionnaire was issued to all respondents with an email entered on the system and remained open for a period of 3 weeks. The paper version was also available to be printed and distributed on the same day, with the deadline to receive paper copies set for 1 week after the questionnaire closing date. All paper responses received within the deadline were also input within 1 week of the receipt deadline. Reminders were issued each week over the 3 week period.

Week Number Action

Managers confirm team details to ensure accurate respondent information:

  • remove staff who have left
  • exclude staff who will not be available during fieldwork

Add new staff


Fieldwork window:

  • email electronic questionnaire/print & distribute paper version

Reminders issued each week to non-responders

8 Additional week for Webropol to receive paper responses
9 All response data input to system

The iMatter questionnaire and data collection process was undertaken by Webropol, an independent company, to ensure full anonymity for the respondents. All processes have been fully assessed to ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Principles. In order to keep the reports within small teams of 4 or less anonymous, the response rate for team reports to be published must be 100%. The reports are published at team level and available to that team only. The response data contained in team reports informs reports at both Directorate and Organisational level.



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