1. Publication

    26 Aug 2019

    5G: strategy for Scotland

    A strategy outlining our vision for 5G and our commitment to embracing the opportunities it will give to build towards our aspiration to establish Scotland as a forward looking digital nation. 

  2. NEWS

    26 Aug 2019 09:57

    5G blueprint

    Scotland set for life in the fast lane.

  3. NEWS

    14 Dec 2017 14:35

    Scotland’s Budget

    Investing in the NHS, protecting low earners, backing Scotland’s economy.

  4. Research and analysis

    22 Aug 2017

    Collaborative economy: evidence analysis

    Analysis of responses to the call for evidence issued by the Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy in April 2017.

  5. Advice and guidance

    30 Aug 2016

    Open Data resource pack: version 2

    Resource pack to help public authorities develop and implement plans for open data. This is the second version of the document.

  6. Advice and guidance

    17 Aug 2015

    Open Data Resource Pack

    This Open Data Resource Pack is intended to help public authorities throughout Scotland develop and implement their own plans for open data.

  7. Strategy/plan

    25 Feb 2015

    Open Data Strategy

    Sets out our ambition for making data open and available for others to use and reuse.