1. Care in the Digital Age: delivery plan 2022 to 2023

    The national delivery plan describes activities supporting Health Boards, HSCPs, local authorities, primary care, social care, social work, and care providers to offer new or improved services, whether through improved systems and infrastructure, or access to digital services.

  2. Building trust in the digital era: achieving Scotland's aspirations as an ethical digital nation: case study supplement

    This paper is a supplement to the ‘Building Trust in the Digital Era: Achieving Scotland’s Aspirations as an Ethical Digital Nation’ Report. The case studies have fed into the core report content, helping to position the ethical challenges relating to digital innovation across a range of sectors.

  3. Building trust in the digital era: achieving Scotland's aspirations as an ethical digital nation

    An Expert group supported by public and stakeholder insights has reviewed evidence and provided recommendations which will support and inform future policy. The report has a focus on building trust with the people of Scotland through engaging them in digital decisions that affect their lives.

  4. Connecting Scotland: phase 2 evaluation

    Report based on research with people receiving digital devices and support in phase 2 of the Connecting Scotland programme. It discusses people's experiences of the programme and the impact that it has had on them.

  5. Scotland's National Strategy for Economic Transformation – Programme 3: Productive Businesses and Regions Equality Impact Assessment (Record and Results)

    Summary of results for the Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) undertaken to consider the impacts on equality of Programme 3 of Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation.

  6. Scotland’s Full Fibre Charter

    Charter consisting of a series of pledges to help extend full fibre broadband across Scotland.

  7. National Islands Plan: implementation route map 2022

    Details how we will deliver our priorities over the lifetime of the National Islands Plan. It identifies the methods to monitor progress towards fulfilling the many commitments in the Plan and sets out timescales for delivery of our work.

  8. Scottish Government records management plan

    Sets out the Scottish Government records management plan, policy and retention schedules as well as plans to digitise our records.

  9. Islands Bond consultation: our response

    Response paper following analysis of Islands Bond consultation.

  10. Delivering faster internet

    Full fibre broadband network extended.

  11. Cyber security boosted

    Training to help safeguard organisations from attack.

  12. Primary care services - mental health and wellbeing: resources

    Resource developed to support staff working as part of a multi-disciplinary team in mental health and wellbeing in primary care service. It provides a directory of additional sources of help and support to help all staff.

  13. Inspiring a new generation of tech entrepreneurs

    Investment to create cutting-edge network for start-ups.

  14. Improving our understanding of child poverty in rural and island Scotland: research

    Building on the "Poverty in rural Scotland: evidence review" (December 2021), SRUC were commissioned to undertake the research project, “Improving our understanding of child poverty in rural and island Scotland”.

  15. Mental health and wellbeing strategy: consultation - easy read

    We want to hear your views on what a new mental health and wellbeing strategy for Scotland should look like. We have asked a series of questions, and your answers to these will help us write the final strategy.

  16. Mental health and wellbeing strategy: consultation

    We want to hear your views on what a new mental health and wellbeing strategy for Scotland should look like. We have asked a series of questions, and your answers to these will help us write the final strategy.

  17. Improving broadband access

    Progress to extend faster broadband to island communities. 

  18. Building a tech nation

    Investment can help create more high quality start-ups. 

  19. Boosting broadband access

    Five more companies to support future proofed broadband.

  20. Getting the Right Change – retail strategy for Scotland

    This strategy contains current initiatives and future actions to help fulfil our vision for the retail sector in a fair, sustainable way. By delivering on its actions we aim for successful, profitable retail businesses, creation of new, better jobs and to become an exemplar for inclusive growth.

  21. Scotland's National Strategy for Economic Transformation

    Sets out the priorities for Scotland’s economy as well as the actions needed to maximise the opportunities of the next decade to achieve our vision of a wellbeing economy.

  22. Preparing pupils for careers in tech

    £1.3 million for computing in schools.

  23. More than 60,000 households helped online

    People given new online skills and training.

  24. Delivering quicker internet

    Superfast broadband voucher scheme extended.

  25. Improving broadband access

    Work starts to extend superfast broadband to rural communities.

  26. Supporting people to get online

    Over £26 million to close the digital divide.

  27. Accelerating Scotland’s tech-led recovery

    Programme backed by £7 million funding in first year.

  28. Scotland's Creative Digital Initiative

    Supporting digital innovation within cultural businesses.

  29. Unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence

    Strategy addresses specific challenges for the economy, society and children.

  30. Connecting Scotland

    Investment in digital inclusion exceeds £48 million.

  31. National partnership to tackle scams

    Prevention, awareness raising and enforcement action targeted.

  32. Superfast broadband subsea work to start

    Improving connectivity to 15 of Scotland’s islands through R100 North contract.

  33. Creating an inclusive digital world

    Geography, background or ability should not be a barrier to getting online.

  34. A changing nation: how Scotland will thrive in a digital world

    This strategy sets out the measures which will ensure that Scotland will fulfil its potential in a constantly evolving digital world.

  35. New scheme to increase connectivity unveiled

    Wider roll-out of 4G and 5G technology.

  36. Digital Scotland Service Standard

    The service standard aims to make sure that services in Scotland are continually improving and that users are always the focus.

  37. Right First Time: a practical guide for public authorities to decision-making and the law - second edition

    Right First Time is a practical guide for public authorities in Scotland to decision-making and the law.

  38. Reaching 100% Programme (R100) - State Aid: consultation

    A State Aid public consultation to confirm eligible premises for public investment via the Reaching 100% Programme (R110) which is striving to extend the availability of NGA broadband infrastructure to deliver superfast broadband access to 100% of premises in Scotland.

  39. Superfast broadband for homes and businesses in the North

    Contract signed for the £384 million R100 North of Scotland lot.

  40. Harnessing digital for economic recovery

    Accelerating digital adoption by small and medium-sized firms.

  41. Helping families get online

    New kit and training to tackle digital exclusion.

  42. Transforming planning for the digital age

    £35 million investment in technology.

  43. £1m fund to keep care home residents connected

    Digital device funding to keep residents connected with their loved ones.

  44. Renewing Scotland's full potential in a digital world: consultation

    Consultation seeking views on a new digital strategy for Scotland, which reflects the changing digital world in which we live and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

  45. Help to get online

    Connecting Scotland programme funding to expand to £43 million.

  46. Scottish technology ecosystem: review

    Review of the Scottish tech ecosystem by Mark Logan, commissioned by the Scottish Government, with recommendations on how to develop a world-class tech sector.

  47. Putting start-ups at heart of recovery

    Report on expanding technology sector.

  48. Connecting Scotland

    £15 million to help 23,000 more households get online.

  49. Digital Scotland – Reaching 100% programme: public consultation report (revised)

    Revised Scottish Government responses to the consultation into the eligible intervention area for investment of public funds into Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband infrastructure.

  50. Getting people online

    Funding to connect the most vulnerable.

  51. Reaching 100%: superfast broadband for all – March 2020 update

    An update on progress of the Scottish Government's Reaching 100% programme, as per its commitment to deliver 100% superfast broadband across Scotland.

  52. CivTech 4.0 Demo Day

    Showcasing public sector innovation.

  53. Better mobile coverage for rural areas

    4G programme delivers first mast.

  54. Better access to learning

    Digital hubs launched across South of Scotland.

  55. Improving digital technologies and skills

    Interest-free loans for digital development.

  56. Transforming digital connectivity

    Delivery of full fibre broadband.

  57. Government to spotlight cyber security

    Cyber Scotland Week 2020 planned for 17-23 February.

  58. R100 progress

    Bidder announced for broadband roll out.

  59. Improving digital evidence sharing

    Modernising the criminal justice system.

  60. 5G: strategy for Scotland

    A strategy outlining our vision for 5G and our commitment to embracing the opportunities it will give to build towards our aspiration to establish Scotland as a forward looking digital nation. 

  61. 5G blueprint

    Scotland set for life in the fast lane.

  62. Implications of future technological trends on Scotland's infrastructure: independent report

    Overview of the range of technology trends potentially impacting on infrastructure in Scotland and examples of their uses and implications.

  63. Reaching 100%: superfast broadband for all

    An overview of the Scottish Government's Reaching 100% programme

  64. Investing in digital skills

    £1 million to increase employment opportunities.

  65. Rates relief puts Scotland in fibre fast lane

    New initiative to help deliver more broadband infrastructure.

  66. Cupar Digital Improvement Pilot

    Innovative approach will trial and showcase a potential model for smaller town use.

  67. Scottish 4G Infill Programme consultation: information request

    This public consultation seeks to expand the intervention area of the S4GI programme from the initial 16 sites; it also sets out our selection criteria.

  68. Investing in Scotland’s Digital Future

    £6 million digital network launched.

  69. £2 million fund to improve business digital capabilities

    Digital Development Loan launched.

  70. 95% broadband coverage

    Around 890,000 premises now connected.

  71. Technology and the labour market

    Impact of technological changes on Scottish jobs.

  72. Superfast broadband rollout to benefit rural areas

    Prioritising rural Scotland.

  73. £600 million for broadband

    UK’s first universal superfast broadband programme launched.

  74. Budget sets out economic growth package

    Economic expansion at centre of spending plans.

  75. Scotland’s Budget

    Investing in the NHS, protecting low earners, backing Scotland’s economy.

  76. Aberdeen to receive Gigabit broadband

    £2 million for faster public sector connectivity.

  77. Broadband coverage extended

    Fibre connection for over 90% of communities, businesses and homes.

  78. Scottish household survey 2016: key findings

    Short report summarising the key findings from the Scottish household survey 2016: annual report.

  79. Scottish household survey 2016: annual report

    Results from the 2016 edition of the continuous survey based on a sample of the general population in private residences in Scotland.

  80. Farmers get online

    Digital Single Application Form.

  81. Collaborative economy: evidence analysis

    Analysis of responses to the call for evidence issued by the Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy in April 2017.

  82. Superfast broadband in Scotland: reaching 100%

    Extending coverage as far as possible to deliver superfast broadband access to 100% of premises in Scotland.

  83. Superfast broadband goes further

    Rollout reaches new milestone.

  84. Digital Skills for the future

    FM visits US ‘coding bootcamp’.

  85. Digital strategy launched

    Realising Scotland’s full potential in a Digital World.

  86. Realising Scotland's full potential in a digital world: a digital strategy for Scotland

    Scotland's refreshed digital strategy sets out our vision for Scotland as a vibrant, inclusive, open and outward looking digital nation.

  87. Increased funding for digital skills

    £36 million available to Scottish business.

  88. Superfast broadband extended

    £15.6 million for extra coverage.

  89. Pitlochry Cabinet

    Cabinet meeting and public discussion in Pitlochry.

  90. Cybercrime is coming to town

    Keep your details secure when shopping online.

  91. Broadband coverage goes further

    DSSB programme reaches milestone.

  92. Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of digital technology

    National strategy to ensure all learners and educators are able to benefit from digital technology in their education.

  93. Open Data resource pack: version 2

    Resource pack to help public authorities develop and implement plans for open data. This is the second version of the document.

  94. Scotland's Digital Future: delivery of public services: progress update

    An update on the work of the Digital Public Services and Business Transformation division.

  95. Open Data Resource Pack

    This Open Data Resource Pack is intended to help public authorities throughout Scotland develop and implement their own plans for open data.

  96. Open Data Strategy

    Sets out our ambition for making data open and available for others to use and reuse.

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