Digital, Data and Technology Profession

The Digital, Data and Technology Profession (DDaT) profession works across a number of roles, to ensure government is efficient and meeting user-needs. The profession was agreed across all UK government departments and devolved administrations.

Our digital strategy, contains a commitment to introduce the new DDaT profession within the Scottish Government to attract and retain the talent we need across these disciplines. DDaT includes a Capability Framework that is made up of a standard set of job roles. These are being implemented across the Civil Service and in the Scottish Government to replace the previous ICT profession.

DDaT Capability Framework

DDaT includes a Capability Framework that is made up of a standard set of job roles. The Capability Framework provides a common definition of over 40 digital, data and technology job roles and career paths across government. In Scotland, the profession currently has over 50 job roles, organised into 7 job families. These are:

Why the Scottish Government is different

Compared with the UK Government version this profession model is slightly larger with security as an additional DDaT job family. This reflects the close alignment of cyber/digital security to our existing profession.

The DDaT profession, at a UK and Scottish level, will continue to evolve as skills and requirements change.

A key benefit of implementing the DDaT profession is continued alignment to the UK Civil Service approach to developing digital professionals in government. For instance we offer a large selection of courses for Scottish public servants through the Scottish Digital Academy.

Alongside the Scottish Digital Academy, we also offer an annual leadership development programme, Digital Champions.

Diversity and inclusion

The digital strategy aims to:

  • remove barriers to under-represented groups progressing into and within the DDaT profession
  • promote role models from diverse backgrounds

We are leading efforts to improve diversity in digital roles across the public sector. We have signed the Tech Talent Charter which is a public commitment to increasing the diversity of our digital workforce to make it reflective of the wider Scottish population.

Our commitment to increasing the diversity of our directorate's workforce is set out in our Directorate Diversity Statement which includes our current diversity data.

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