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Digital, Data and Technology profession, skills and capability

The Scottish Digital Academy was launched in 2017 to provide high quality professional learning and training to support the development of digital skills and capability across the public and third sectors in Scotland.

We need digital at every level of our organisations and across all job roles and grades. The future of Scotland as a thriving digital nation, as illustrated in the Digital Strategy for Scotland, relies on people being equipped with the best possible learning experiences and skills that empowers them to do their job effectively and with confidence.

We provide professional learning across the public and third sectors and we support the Digital, Data and Technology Profession (DDaT) profession, which spans a vast range of roles across government. We currently have more than 1,200 registered professionals, over 50 digital, data and technology job roles, within seven job families.These are:

Visit the Digital Jobs website to find out more about our DDaT vacancies.

As well as working towards the aims set out within our business plan, we are developing digital skills pathways that will increase the breadth and depth of our training offer.

We have built, and will continue to develop, coherent and sustainable pathways for those looking to upskill and progress in a DDaT career role, as well as those wishing to engage in mid-career change or knowledge exchange through re-skilling.

The Scottish Digital Academy published its first monitoring report in October 2022 which summarises our key activities and progress since 2017, with a specific focus on our delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Fellowship Programme

We facilitate the First Minister’s Digital Fellowship Programme, which brings high impact specialists with key skills into the civil service to lead on key programmes of work, bringing external skills and insight.

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