Building a New Scotland: A stronger economy with independence

This paper sets out the Scottish Government’s proposals for the economy of an independent Scotland. It explains what these proposals would mean for you, for businesses, and for Scotland as a whole. It is the third in the 'Building a New Scotland' series, focusing on independence.


Independence within the European Union offers Scotland a real opportunity to grow and modernise our economy.

If Scotland chooses independence we can build a greener, fairer, more open and more dynamic country. As part of the world’s largest single market, we could seize economic and social benefits, remove barriers to trade, set high standards and provide our businesses with access to a market of 450 million people.

We can seek to replicate the success of comparable independent European countries, with improved approaches to trade, investment, entrepreneurship, family-friendly policy and co-operatives.

We can develop a more open and welcoming immigration system, with freedom of movement and more flexibility for people and business.

We can deliver a greener economy, building on our significant natural resources to maximise the economic and social benefits of the move to net zero.

And we can have a fairer, modernised labour market, with improvements to wages and terms and conditions.

With independence, Scotland can fulfil its potential. We can build on our world-leading strengths. We can deliver a stronger economy for a better country.



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