1. Consultation paper

    15 Nov 2021

    Bail and release from custody arrangements: consultation

    Consultation on the use of remand and arrangements around release from custody - two areas which we consider have the potential to contribute to a shift in how prison and imprisonment is used in a modern Scotland.

  2. Progress report

    01 Oct 2021

    Victim Surcharge Fund: initial report 2019 to 2021

    A report on those payments made into and out of the Victim Surcharge Fund, the recipient organisations, the administration costs and balance of the Fund for the period 25 November 2019 to 31 March 2021.

  3. NEWS

    12 Jan 2021 15:36

    Reforming parole

    Move to improve transparency and understanding for victims.

  4. Progress report

    28 Feb 2019

    UN convention against torture: our position statement

    Account of progress in Scotland in giving effect to the UN Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, in advance of a review of the UK by the UN Committee Against Torture in May 2019.

  5. Advice and guidance

    01 Nov 2018

    Victims' code for Scotland

    If you are a victim of crime you have a number of rights. Victims' Code sets out these rights, how you can exercise them and the relevant authorities to contact should you need further help and advice.