More help for trafficking victims

More than £3 million over three years to improve support.

Two of Scotland’s key organisations to support victims of human trafficking will share £3,113,352 over three years to increase the care they can provide.

The significant increase in funding for Migrant Help and TARA (Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance) comes in the same week that regulations to increase the minimum period of support for trafficking victims come into force. The support period has been doubled to 90 days.

The number of trafficking referrals to Police Scotland has also been steadily increasing in recent years, and saw a 38% rise in 2017, following work to raise awareness and improve reporting.

Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said:

“Human trafficking is an appalling abuse of human rights. This horrific crime affects the most vulnerable in society and has lasting consequences for its victims. Some will need long term care and support following their ordeal, meaning that we must do everything we can to aid victims.

“An increase in the statutory minimum period of support will mean that trafficked individuals will receive care over a longer term period, which will greatly aid their rehabilitation.

“This increase in funding in 2018/19 will also allow Migrant Help and TARA to increase capacity and resilience to deal with both the increase in referrals and the greater care victims will receive.”

Bronagh Andrew of TARA said:

“Women require long term help to recover from the abuse they have survived and this increase in resources will enable us to continue to improve our efforts to establish a solid foundation to help women on their journey. Women have told us that support needs to be ongoing and that they value the assistance they receive.”

 Phil Dailly, Migrant Help’s National Operations Manager said:

“Migrant Help welcomes the Government’s commitment to supporting victims of human trafficking and believes that by working together we can help eradicate this abhorrent crime.”

“We are very happy to continue our partnership with the Scottish Government which enables us to support and empower survivors of human trafficking. The longer support period will have a positive impact on our clients’ recovery. It will give us more time to address individual needs and enable them to regain confidence and prepare for a new positive chapter in their lives.”


TARA and Migrant Help support suspected victims of trafficking identified in Scotland. TARA support adult female survivors of trafficking for sexual exploitation; Migrant Help support all other adult victims.

Funding for both bodies over the next three years is outlined below. in 2017/18 they received £317,510 and £465,454 respectively.









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