Beyond survival: resource for organisations working with child abuse survivors

This toolkit provides resources to enable survivor support organisations become more sustainable.


Through the Survivor Support Innovation and Development Fund, there has been an increase in provision of support for survivors of child abuse, and increased capacity within services. Scottish Government wants to ensure that services – and their impact – can continue beyond the time-limited period that they are supported by the Fund. For this to happen, organisations supporting survivors need to consider a range of sustainability options, including:

  • Involving survivors and adapting to emerging needs
  • Setting and measuring outcomes
  • Demonstrating their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness
  • Demonstrating influence on higher-level outcomes and strategies
  • Inform policy and influence Scottish Government strategies
  • Understanding and assessing the sustainability of their services and ways of working
  • Identifying the extent to which they make a sustainable impact on survivors, other services, policy and communities

This guide provides resources to help with each of these steps.


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