Beyond survival: resource for organisations working with child abuse survivors

This toolkit provides resources to enable survivor support organisations become more sustainable.


‘This is a valuable resource for organisations working with and for people affected by abuse in childhood, but also has potential applicability across a wider range of services and organisations. The focus on sustainability and evaluation is hugely welcomed but particularly the ways in which this provides clear, easy to follow guidance that I am sure will support what we all ultimately want to achieve which is the best outcomes for survivors.’

Dr Sandra Ferguson, Associate Director, NES Psychology and Lead for the National Trauma Training Framework

‘As obtaining funding becomes ever more competitive, it can be a year on year challenge for charities to ensure survival. This trend is likely to increase, with toughening economic conditions leading to less funding, increased competition for funding and increased demand for services. Sustainability therefore is a challenge faced by many of the charities in the Survivor Support Innovation and Development Fund. The resource developed by the charities themselves will help survivor support organisations begin to tackle these challenges. At Inspiring Scotland we are delighted to be working in partnership with the Scottish Government and funded charities to support the development of this sector and the guide will be a useful tool useful in our work to help organisations with their long term planning.’ Jill Fraser, Inspiring Scotland

‘This is a clearly set out and well thought-through document that organisations will benefit from using. It is encouraging to see that the concepts of service provision being both targeted and universal are mentioned and I hope that organisations will take on board the importance of this in preventing stigmatisation and enabling survivors to find a way in to services without initially having to embrace a particular label. I hope too that organisations will truly take on board the need to keep listening to survivors’ groups about what they want and need. I am pleased with the emphasis on the need for services to be trauma-informed and hope that this enables suitable training to be developed at all levels.’ Linda Hill, Trauma Training in Scotland

‘This hugely practical resource covers key areas of evaluation and sustainability in easily accessible ways, backed up by case studies that bring the practice to life. It has been developed by people who have first-hand experience of working with survivors, who understand the necessity and reality of delivering work with sustainable impact. Anyone can pick this up and use some or all of it, in Scotland, other areas of the UK or more widely. Doing so will benefit organisations: improving their ability to deliver; removing barriers to access; and helping to attract funding. Most importantly, this will help survivors, meaning more people can access the right support at the right time’ Catriona Henderson, Corra Foundation


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