Victims will benefit from key support

£48m funding underlines government commitment.

Organisations which support victims and survivors of crime across Scotland are set to benefit from £48m of grant funding.

More than 20 diverse organisations spread across the country are set to benefit from the new Victim Centred Approach Fund over the 2022-25 period.

They include Central Advocacy Partners which is receiving £167k to support its work with victims with learning disabilities and autism.

Victim Support Scotland is receiving just over £18m and organisations supporting women and girls, trafficking victims and people from ethnic minorities are also to benefit.

The level of support underpins the Scottish Government’s commitment to victims and survivors of crime, a key priority pinpointed in the recently published long term strategy for Scotland’s justice sector.

In addition:

  • a further £257k is being awarded from the Victim Surcharge Fund - a scheme which redistributes cash from offenders to enable organisations to provide quick and practical help to people who have been impacted by crime
  • an independent review of the Victim Notification Scheme will commence in April and be led by Alastair MacDonald, former Chair of Victim Support Scotland; the scheme enables victims to receive certain information about the release of a prisoner - with the review considering possible improvements to ensure it is serving victims effectively

Mr Brown said:

“The level of funding being made available to a range of organisations across Scotland through the Victim Centred Approach Fund underlines our absolute commitment to putting victims very firmly at the centre of the justice system.

“This new fund will provide joined-up, accessible support to victims regardless of where they live in Scotland. It will help support specialist services for those bereaved by crime, provide court advocacy support for survivors of gender-based violence, extend support and assistance for victims of human trafficking and enable better long-term outcomes for victims, including improved mental and physical health.

“The Victim Surcharge Fund will also enable people impacted by crime to have access to funds when they need it most. Covering costs for emergency accommodation, food and clothing are just some of the ways that funding can be used.

“I want to thank all organisations for their continued commitment to supporting victims.

“We have also instigated an independent review of the Victim Notification Scheme to ensure victims are able to receive timely and compassionate information on the release of offenders.

“All of these steps reinforce my focus and commitment to ensuring those affected by crime are fully supported on their journey to recovery.”


The following organisations are set to benefit from the Victim Centred Approach Fund. (The figure is the three year funding total).

Action Against Stalking - £495,000

Victim Support Scotland - £18,173,085

Brake - £537,000

West of Scotland Regional Equality Council - £207,156

Central Advocacy Partners - £166,965

The Manda Centre - £412,326

Kibble Education and Care Centre - £504,771

Abused Men in Scotland - £225,045

PETAL - £750,000

Glasgow City Council – ASSIST - £9,201,792

SafeLives - £510,000

Edinburgh Women’s Aid - £477,150

Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership - £1,403,718

Rape Crisis Scotland - £6,053,616

Fife Women’s Aid - £130,644

Western Isles Women’s Aid - £190,695

Angus Women’s Aid - £479,550

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde - £795,000

Glasgow City Council – The TARA Service - £1,866,000

Migrant Help - £4,485,000

Justice and Care - £480,000

JustRight Scotland £130,887

Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland - £329,673

Organisations receiving funding from the Victim Surcharge Fund are:

Victim Support Scotland - £165,000

The Moira Fund - £12,000 

Dumbarton District Women’s Aid -  £12,727 

Angus Women’s Aid - £22,000

Families and Friends Affected by Murder and Suicide (FAMS) - £40,000

Manda Centre -   £5,000

From November 2019, anyone committing a crime that results in a court fine is charged an additional penalty – the victim surcharge.  This money accumulates in the Victim Surcharge Fund. A total of £322,000 has been paid into the Victim Surcharge Fund since regulations came into force.


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