Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill: island communities impact assessment

Records the decision not to carry out an island communities impact assessment for the Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill. It explains why the Bill will not have a significantly different effect on island communities and describes how this assessment has been made.


This document records the decision not to undertake an Island Communities Impact Assessment ("ICIA") in respect of the Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill ("the Bill"). It also summarises the information and evidence that has been considered, along with the rationale for this decision.

Further information about the background and the policy intention of the Bill is set out in the Policy Memorandum. Estimated costs are set out in the Bill's Financial Memorandum.

The Scottish Government acknowledges that there are different words to describe those who have experienced crime, particularly sexual offences. Views on which terms are used can be strongly held. Some terms, for example 'complainer' are used when describing a person in a legal setting; 'victim' or 'survivor' are more commonly used when referring to a person in a broader context not restricted to the legal system. This document uses a mix of these terms with the choice of term influenced by the context.



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