1. New zero emission buses

    £41.7 million investment in bus decarbonisation.

  2. Building a sustainable future for Ferguson Marine

    Business plan to improve productivity at the shipyard.

  3. First meeting of new Cabinet

    FM John Swinney chairs Cabinet before visits focused on jobs, NHS and transport.

  4. Aithris Bhliadhnail air Plana Nàiseanta nan Eilean 2023

    Gaelic version of the National Islands Plan annual report 2023

  5. Local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods: planning guidance

    The guidance on local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods aims to encourage, promote and facilitate the application of the Place Principle and create connected and compact neighbourhoods which prioritise environmental, social and economic sustainability.

  6. Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014 - draft regulations: consultation analysis and response

    Analysis and response to consultation regarding draft regulations on transferring certain appeal functions of the Transport Tribunal and allocating new appeal functions relating to bus service improvement partnerships to the Upper Tribunal for Scotland.

  7. National Islands Plan: annual report 2023

    The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 requires that a report is presented to Parliament each year setting out the progress made towards delivery of the National Islands Plan. This report sets out progress made during the 2023 reporting year.

  8. Scottish Islands Typology: overview 2024

    This report outlines the Scottish Islands Typology (2024). It classifies Scotland’s islands into ten categories based on combinations of population, access to local amenities, and access to mainland Scotland. It offers an alternative way to compare the differences and similarities between islands.

  9. The Environment Strategy for Scotland: Delivering the Environment Strategy Outcome on Scotland's Economy - Evidence Base & Policy Levers

    This report presents evidence and initial recommendations on how the Scottish Government could use the available policy levers to support the transformations in Scotland’s economy needed to help tackle the climate and nature emergencies.

  10. Rural Scotland Data Dashboard: Overview

    This report accompanies the Rural Scotland Data Dashboard which presents data on a range of issues that impact rural Scotland. The report synthesises the data included in the dashboard into a broader picture of successes, challenges and trends in rural Scotland.

  11. Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill: consultation

    We are committed to protecting, respecting and championing the rights of people with learning disabilities and neurodivergent people. This consultation on proposals for a Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill seeks the views of everyone on how we can do this.

  12. Scottish islands: data overview 2023

    This report gives a snapshot of Scotland's island-level data as collated in the new Scottish Islands Data Dashboard and draws out key findings relating to each of the strategic objective topic areas set out in the National Islands Plan.

  13. UK Emissions Trading Scheme: Island Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA)

    This Island Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA) covers changes to the aviation and maritime sectors under the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and their potential impact on island communities.

  14. National Islands Plan review: consultation

    We are consulting on a review of the National Islands Plan, published in 2019. This review is required by the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018. We are seeking views on the impact and content of the current National Islands Plan.

  15. National Islands Plan: implementation route map 2023

    Details how we will deliver on the commitments in the National Islands Plan, over the coming year.

  16. Scotland prepares for world’s biggest cycling event

    One month until 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships.

  17. Air quality report 2022: public engagement

    Findings from a quantitative study exploring public perceptions of air quality in Scotland among adults.

  18. Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021-22 to 2025-26: programme pipeline update - March 2023

    This pipeline provides information relating to key major infrastructure programmes with an investment of £20 million or more included at Annex D of our Infrastructure Investment Plan, published in February 2021.

  19. Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021-22 to 2025-26: progress report 2022 to 2023

    Second annual progress report relating to the Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021-22 to 2025-26 which outlines the progress made in relation to the Plan’s three themes during the last year as well as key delivery achievements and activity planned for the coming year.

  20. Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021-22 to 2025-26: major capital projects progress update - March 2023

    The following information relates to projects with a capital value of £5 million or more which are at the outline business case (or equivalent) approved stage or beyond.

  21. Just transition for the transport sector: a discussion paper

    This discussion paper is intended to support engagement on a just transition for the transport sector. Building on this engagement, a draft targeted action plan and route map (late 23/24) will outline the key steps to delivering a fair transition for the sector.

  22. Buidheann-obrach Gheàrr-bheatha air Cothroman Eaconamach is Sòisealta don Ghàidhlig: Aithisg do Rùnaire a' Chaibineit airson Ionmhas is na h-Eaconamaidh

    Aithisg air molaidhean na Buidhne-obrach Gheàrr-bheatha air Cothroman Eaconamach is Sòisealta don Ghàidhlig.

  23. Short Life Working Group on Economic and Social Opportunities for Gaelic: report

    A report to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy containing the recommendations of the Short Life Working Group on Economic and Social Opportunities for Gaelic.

  24. Taxi and private hire car licensing: guidance - third edition

    Best practice guidance for local licensing authorities and taxi and private hire car operators on the licensing of taxis and private hire cars and their drivers.

  25. Climate change monitoring report 2023

    The second annual statutory monitoring report against the updated 2018 Climate Change Plan, as per the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019.

  26. Local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods - planning guidance: consultation

    We are seeking views on this draft guidance on local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods to support the implementation of National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4).

  27. Local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods - draft guidance consultation: impact assessment report update

    The impact assessment report update relates to the consultation on our draft guidance on local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods, produced to support the fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4).

  28. Equality, opportunity, community: New leadership - A fresh start

    This publication sets out the First Minister’s vision for Scotland and the outcomes he and his government aim to achieve by 2026.

  29. National Islands Plan Annual Report 2022

    The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 requires that a report is presented to Parliament each year setting out the progress made towards delivery of the National Islands Plan. This report sets out progress made during the 2022 reporting year.

  30. Scottish local government finance - Green Book: 2023-2024

    Scottish Local Government Finance Settlement 2023-24: Funding Allocation Formula.

  31. Scotland's Marine Economic Statistics 2020

    Statistics on the economic contributions of Scotland’s marine sectors in 2020. Includes a time series of Gross Value Added (GVA), turnover and employment for marine sectors. The supporting documents include: additional tables in an excel file and a pdf version of the publication.

  32. Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan

    We are consulting on this draft route map of actions we will take to deliver a flourishing net zero energy system that supplies affordable, resilient and clean energy to Scotland’s workers, households, communities and businesses.

  33. Delivering on child poverty commitments

    Report details investment and actions in key areas.

  34. Ministers discuss rail strike contingency plans

    UK Government urged to resolve pay dispute.

  35. Missing ferries document located

    Transport Minister updates parliament. 

  36. Response to Ferguson Marine update

    Ministers make clear their expectation for future of business.

  37. International travel restrictions end

    Concerns over lack of border control measures.

  38. Storms Dudley and Eunice

    Ministers receive update on resilience effort.

  39. International travel restrictions eased

    Most people will not need to take a test.

  40. Easing of restrictions on international travellers

    Removal of pre-departure test requirement.

  41. 11 countries removed from international travel red list

    Testing remains in place to safeguard health against Omicron variant.

  42. Pre-departure test requirement for travel

    Nigeria also added to red list to control omicron spread.

  43. Omicron variant

    First cases identified in Scotland.

  44. Recovery from Storm Arwen

    Support targeted at most vulnerable.

  45. Tackling the threat of new COVID-19 variant

    People urged to redouble their efforts.

  46. Red, Amber and Yellow weather warnings in place

    Public in affected areas advised not to travel.

  47. Self-isolation for all travellers returning from six African countries

    Decision taken to protect public health in Scotland in light of emerging variant.

  48. Free bus travel for under 22s

    61% of young people say public transport central to combatting climate emergency.

  49. Scotland’s Covid Certificates Accepted by the EU

    Scots must update certification status before travelling abroad.  

  50. Final countries taken off the red list

    Vaccinated traveller policy expanded.

  51. Countries taken off the red list

    Vaccinated traveller policy also expanded.

  52. Scotland putting rail decarbonisation at heart of net zero plans.

    First Minister marks completion of Queen Street Station redevelopment

  53. International travel testing updated

    Scotland to align with UK testing regime.

  54. International travel restrictions to be relaxed and simplified

    Streamlined system merges amber and green lists and retains red list.

  55. International travellers to Scotland will be able to use private sector COVID tests

    Economy boosting step backed by move to clamp down on poor performers.

  56. Creative professionals must have visa-free travel

    UK Government should negotiate deal.

  57. Canada and the Azores added to travel green list

    Expanded list includes Denmark and Switzerland while Thailand goes red.

  58. Significant easing of restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers from the EU and US

    Step only possible due to success of vaccination programmes.

  59. Amber thunderstorm warning

    Heavy rain and flooding expected.

  60. National Islands Plan Survey: final report

    This report presents the findings from the National Islands Plan Survey. The research explores perceptions of island life in relation to the strategic objectives set out in the National Islands Plan.

  61. Blackburn travel restrictions lifted

    Latest review removes journey ban.

  62. Manchester, Salford and Bolton travel restrictions lifted

    Rules will remain in place on areas with high Delta variant cases.

  63. Expanded travel green list for Scotland

    Key destinations added following latest review.

  64. Rise in Delta variant cases leads to Manchester travel restriction

    Step taken to protect public health in Scotland.

  65. Portugal placed on amber travel list

    Change made following concerns over spread of Delta variant.

  66. India placed on red list of travel countries

    Action taken after new variant spike in cases.

  67. Foreign travel rules updated

    More countries designated as high risk.

  68. Quarantine hotels

    Reducing the spread of COVID-19.

  69. £33 billion investment in Scotland’s future

    Supporting 45,000 jobs.

  70. Dubai designated for public health quarantine

    Travellers returning to self-isolate on arrival in Scotland.

  71. Pre-departure coronavirus testing

    New public health requirements.

  72. Foreign travel health rules updated

    More destinations re-designated for quarantine.

  73. Ban on entry introduced for visitors from South Africa

    Further public health measures to prevent spread of new coronavirus strain.

  74. Response to agreement to reopen French border

    Call to prioritise perishable goods hauliers.

  75. Foreign travel health rules updated

    Final planned adjustments of 2020 to quarantine exemptions.

  76. Common travel area restrictions updated

    Non-essential travel remains discouraged.

  77. Consulting on free bus travel for young people under 19

    Share your views on proposals to reduce inequalities

  78. Travellers from France and the Netherlands to face quarantine rules

    Increase in coronavirus cases sees quarantine requirements.

  79. Ambitious plans to transform Scottish rail network unveiled

    Commitment to decarbonise passenger rail services by 2035

  80. Travellers from Spain to face quarantine rules

    Significant increase in coronavirus cases in Spain sees decision overturned.

  81. Quarantine rules lifted for five countries

    Public health measures lifted for more travellers.

  82. Quarantine rules lifted for Spain

    Travellers arriving from mainland and islands exempt from quarantine requirements.

  83. Quarantine rule ends for travellers arriving from lower risk countries and territories

    Public health measure lifted for some overseas travellers arriving in Scotland.

  84. Final Phase 2 measures confirmed

    Face coverings and 2 metre rule exemptions announced in preparation for Phase 3.

  85. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Dumfries and Galloway

    Delay to relaxation of restrictions in parts of the region.

  86. Face coverings mandatory on public transport from 22 June

    New approach put in place as Scotland moves to Phase 2 of recovery

  87. Transport community to help COVID-19 efforts

    Plans to help people attend medical appointments. 

  88. Parking and bus lane adjudicators: consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses to the consultation on the draft regulations transferring the parking and bus lane adjudicators to the Scottish Tribunals and an indication of how the regulations have been revised.

  89. Global pledge on climate crisis

    Transport charter signed at COP25 summit.

  90. Multimillion pound infrastructure projects completed

    Affordable homes, transport links and schools delivered.

  91. Private hire car overprovision: independent assessment tool for local authorities

    This independent report has been produced to support licensing authorities who wish to undertake an assessment of whether there is an overprovision of private hire cars in their area.

  92. Private hire car licensing: guidance on power to refuse on grounds of overprovision

    This non-statutory guidance relates to the discretionary power of local licensing authorities to refuse to grant private hire car vehicle licences on the grounds of overprovision as provided for in section 10 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

  93. £27m funding for active travel

    First Minister – Scotland acting locally as we lead globally on climate change.

  94. Northern Isles Ferry Services update

    Islander ferry fare enhancements

  95. Queensferry Crossing artwork

    Scotland’s national poet contributes to permanent tribute.

  96. Accessible Vehicles and Equipment Scheme: request for information

    We are seeking to engage with providers of cars, scooters and powered wheelchairs to deliver an affordable leasing scheme for individuals in receipt of disability benefits.

  97. Ancient artefacts uncovered on A9

    Matheson gets glimpse of Mesolithic life in Caithness

  98. More electric vehicle charging points

    Important step taken towards clean energy for transport. 

  99. European funding for low carbon and active travel

    Third round of funding is now open for applications.

  100. Food and drink supply chain and transport industry: evidence report

    Result of a study investigating existing Scottish food and drink export logistics, and their resilience.

  101. £51 million for active travel infrastructure in 2019

    £51 million for active travel infrastructure in 2019

  102. Dalry bypass opens to traffic

    £31 million road seven months early

  103. AWPR supporting active travel

    Matheson makes donation to local communities

  104. New road cuts journey times by half

    Economic benefits of £745m Aberdeen by-pass highlighted.

  105. Wheels in motion for further e-bike support

    Third round of funding for active travel announced.

  106. A96 dualling display call

    East of Huntly to Aberdeen design updates

  107. Rail Freight fund announced

    £25m available to strengthen rail freight in Scotland.

  108. Inverness pupils get road expertise

    Event attracts schools from across region

  109. A96 schools programme on road to success

    Thumbs up from eight Aberdeenshire schools.

  110. Securing the future of Scottish Motorsport

    New regulations come into force.

  111. Jobs boost thanks to A77 contract award

    Wills Bros to build Maybole bypass.

  112. A90 Laurencekirk junction contract awarded

    £300,000 ground investigations start May

  113. Removal, storage and disposal of vehicles regulations: analysis of consultation responses

    Analysis of written responses to our consultation on the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles regulations.

  114. A9 dualling design work update

    Birnam to Tay Crossing community events

  115. A9 pupils on road to success

    Conference brings schools, teachers and industry together

  116. Moray pupils engineer success

    A96 dualling programme hailed by pupils and teachers

  117. Air Departure Tax reduction in Scotland: noise impact assessment

    Potential impact on noise levels of our plans to reduce the overall burden of Air Departure Tax (ADT) by 50%.

  118. Local Rail Development Fund re-opens for further applications

    Successful applicants will benefit from appraisal costs support

  119. Infrastructure Commission appointed

    Group to look at 30 year strategy for Scotland’s infrastructure needs.

  120. National low emission framework

    Methodology for local authorities to undertake air quality assessment through the National Low Emission Framework (NLEF) to inform decisions on transport-related actions.

  121. Boost for Tay cities region

    £50m for new transport and industry projects.  

  122. Milestone reached for A96 dualling scheme

    Hardmuir to Fochabers preferrerd option on display

  123. £3.6 million contract award A9 dualling

    Ground investigations for 13 mile stretch

  124. Ultra-deep water port: feasibility study

    Report compiled by Ernst & Young following their feasibility study looking at the most cost effective locations for an ultra-deep water port in the UK.

  125. Winners of accessible travel fund announced

    Five organisations have been successful in bidding for support from the Scottish Government’s Accessible Travel Fund.

  126. A96 Dualling Hardmuir to Fochabers scheme

    Preferred option to go on display

  127. Conference for A9 Dualling schools programme

    Venue Aviemore in March

  128. First awards from £2m sustainable travel fund

    The first winners of the £2 million Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund have been announced.

  129. Statement following publication of Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2017

    Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson comments on the publication of Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2017.

  130. A96 dualling options on show

    East of Huntly to Aberdeen scheme update

  131. Further A9 Dualling contract awarded

    £2.7 million ground investigations to start

  132. A96 dualling roadshow

    Call to public to attend

  133. ‘No deal’ could see flights grounded

    Constitutional Relations Secretary calls for end to 'Brexit brinkmanship'.

  134. Views sought on future transport investment in South West Scotland

    Online survey launched  

  135. Extra vessel for Northern Isles freight services

    Increased capacity with services to start this weekend

  136. A9 Dualling design work milestone reached

    Step forward for Crubenmore to Kincraig section

  137. Improving road maintenance

    New contracts will improve trunk road network

  138. A83 at Strone Point safety works complete

    £1.6 million upgrade opens to traffic

  139. Further progress on A9 Dualling

    Line of Tomatin-Moy section published 

  140. Options for Longman Junction to go on display

    Exhibitions later this month

  141. Community Links Fund

    Budget more than doubled for walking and cycling projects

  142. Extra £10 million for road maintenance

    Assistance for councils following extreme weather.

  143. Islay ferry pledge

    Island next in line for new vessel

  144. Major slope works on A77 finished

    Complex work to stabilise the embankment that supports the A77 near Cairnryan has been completed.

  145. Support for proposals in recent road works consultation

    Analysis of responses to Transport Scotland’s consultation ‘Raising Standards and Improving the Quality of Road Works in Scotland’ has now been published.

  146. Responses to Low Emission Zone (LEZ) consultation now analysed

    The analysis of responses to Transport Scotland’s consultation “Building Scotland’s Low Emission Zones’ has now been published.

  147. Snow drifts and clearance

    Volunteering to help local communities.

  148. Amber weather warning extended

    People urged to avoid all travel in affected areas.

  149. Red warning for snow

    Avoid all travel.

  150. Amber snow warning

    Further travel disruption highly likely - avoid travel at peak times if possible.

  151. A decade of transport investment

    Transport infrastructure gives Scottish economy confidence

  152. AWPR - New Year message from Keith Brown

    The new road ahead

  153. Hogmanay travel warning

    Winds to cause disruption for travellers.

  154. No let-up in A9 design work

    Transport Scotland is continuing the design work to progress the A9 Dualling programme.

  155. Scotland’s Budget

    Investing in the NHS, protecting low earners, backing Scotland’s economy.

  156. Air departure tax in Scotland: an economic assessment

    An economic assessment on the impact of a 50% reduction in the overall burden of air departure tax and a plan for future monitoring and evaluation.

  157. Preparing for all conditions

    Flooding relief vehicle for winter service

  158. Contract award for A9 dualling

    £2.7 million contract hits the heights

  159. Cross-border rail improvements planned

    Major step towards three-hour journeys between Scotland and London.

  160. Welcome £8M contract boost for Kilmarnock rail firm and ScotRail passengers

    Refurbished coaches will provide extra seats on busiest services

  161. New speed limit for Queensferry Crossing

    50 mph in force from Monday

  162. A90 average speed cameras are now live

    New system will improve road safety

  163. Queensferry Crossing serves up early business boost

    Economy Secretary meets Fife businesses.

  164. Replacement to Air Passenger Duty (APD): consultation analysis

    An analysis of the responses to the consultation on a tax to replace Air Passenger Duty (APD).

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