A83 at Strone Point safety works complete

£1.6 million upgrade opens to traffic

A £1.6m project to improve road safety on the A83 at Strone Point at Inverary has been completed.
Around 370m of carriageway has been realigned and a section of the hillside scaled back, widening the road and improving driver visibility.
Drainage systems have been upgraded to improve resilience in wet conditions, and new safety barriers and bike guards have also been installed.
Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson said:
“The section of the A83 at Strone Point on Loch Fyne is single carriageway with a history of fatal and serious accidents. This project has made it safer by opening up the width of the road and improving driver visibility around the tight bend.
“The work has also allowed us to install new safety barriers and improve drainage, signage and road markings at the same time.
“Over 6000 tonnes of material has been removed from the nearby slope and specialist mesh and matting installed. This will improve the slope’s stability and help to prevent debris falling onto the carriageway.
“The A83 is the gateway to Argyll and Bute and we recognise its strategic importance. This project is one of a series of ongoing initiatives on the road, underlining the Scottish Government’s commitment to maintaining that vital link for local residents and businesses."

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