Good transport links are essential to sustaining economic growth. We maintain and invest in transport via our national transport agency Transport Scotland.


As a government, we are:

  • reducing air fares by replacing Air Passenger Duty with Air Departure Tax by April 2018
  • keeping air travel affordable for communities in the Highlands and Islands by maintaining the air discount scheme

Transport Scotland oversees:

Transport Scotland is also supporting Ministers in:


As an agency of the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland’s work is ultimately focused on increasing sustainable economic growth in Scotland.

Transport Scotland had a budget of nearly £2.4 billion in 2017 to 2018. It is accountable to Parliament and the public through Scottish Ministers.

Transport Scotland’s priorities for delivery are:

  • improved connections across Scotland
  • increased safety and more innovation
  • continuously improved performance
  • better journey times
  • better reliability
  • greener transport alternatives
  • reduced emissions

These aims provide a clear focus to support the development and delivery of efficient, effective and sustainable transport infrastructure and services for Scotland.

Bills and legislation

The Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 made several changes to transport laws, including:

  • providing for the setting up and functions of new transport bodies, including Transport Scotland, to enable Scottish Ministers to discharge certain transport functions
  • enabling further control and co-ordination of road works and the enforcement of the duties placed on those who carry them out
  • setting up national concessionary fares schemes



Telephone: 01412727100

Transport Scotland
Buchanan House
58 Port Dundas Road
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