1. Consultation analysis

    27 Jun 2019

    Consultation on amending Scottish hate crime legislation: analysis of responses

    Analysis of stakeholders' responses to our consultation on amending Scottish hate crime legislation.

  2. Research and analysis

    27 Feb 2019

    Hate crime: availability of information recorded by the police in Scotland

    Update on work by our statisticians and Police Scotland to review the availability of information on hate crime.

  3. Consultation paper

    14 Nov 2018

    One Scotland: consultation on current hate crime legislation

    'One Scotland: hate has no home here' consultation asks questions on our approach to consolidating all Scottish hate crime legislation and expanding the statutory aggravations.

  4. Strategy/plan

    14 Nov 2018

    Teaching in a diverse Scotland: increasing and retaining minority ethnic teachers

    This report aims to increase the number of teachers from under-represented groups at all levels in Scottish Schools.

  5. Research and analysis

    15 Aug 2018

    Young people's attitudes to immigration: findings from the Young People in Scotland Survey 2017

    This report presents findings on attitudes to immigration from the Ipsos MORI Young People in Scotland Survey 2017.

  6. NEWS

    08 Feb 2018 10:04

    Supporting workplace equality

    Workplace Equality Fund open for applications.

  7. Strategy/plan

    11 Dec 2017

    A fairer Scotland for all: race equality action plan and highlight report 2017-2021

    The race equality action plan sets out the key actions for the Scottish Government to drive positive change for minority ethnic communities.

  8. NEWS

    13 Jun 2017 15:00

    Next steps on tackling hate crime

    Focus on prevention, raising awareness and improving services

  9. NEWS

    09 Jun 2017 10:07

    Hate crime reporting encouraged

    10% decrease in racial hate crime charges brought by police.

  10. Impact assessment

    15 Mar 2017

    Equality impact assessment results: the Race Equality Framework for Scotland 2016-2030

    Assessment of the Scottish Government's Race Equality Framework approach to racial equality.

  11. Advice and guidance

    23 Feb 2017

    Race Equality Framework implementation approach

    Report highlighting how Scottish Government will promote race equality and tackle racism and inequality between 2016 and 2030.

  12. NEWS

    07 Dec 2016 10:00

    Scottish Government appoints Race Equality Framework Adviser

    Kaliani Lyle to provide insight and advice on implementing Framework actions.

  13. Advice and guidance

    21 Mar 2016

    Race equality framework for Scotland 2016 to 2030

    This framework sets out our approach to promoting race equality and tackling racism and inequality between 2016 and 2030. The Framework is based on the priorities, needs and experiences of Scotland’s mino