Equality evidence strategy 2023 to 2025: easy read

A plan to get better facts, figures and information about equality.

What is equality evidence?

Evidence or data is facts, figures and information.

Equality means treating people fairly and giving people the same choices and chances.

Equality evidence means facts, figures and information about different groups of people.

A strategy is a type of plan.

We hope this plan will help organisations make services better for people in Scotland, including people with different characteristics.

The Scottish Government have agreed:

  • to work with organisations that give us data to make sure equality evidence is complete
  • to check how equality evidence is collected and how to make this better
  • to produce more detailed analysis of data already collected

Analysis means to check very carefully to understand it better

  • to carry out new analysis of large data sources with a lot of information, like Scotland’s Census, where new data will be included

Scotland’s Census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives information about all the people and households in the country.


Email: social-justice-analysis@gov.scot

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