Equality evidence strategy 2023 to 2025: easy read

A plan to get better facts, figures and information about equality.

Our vision – what we want to see happen

Better equality evidence will help us:

  • develop and deliver policies and services that include everyone
  • check if the lives of all of Scotland's people are getting better

We will do this in 3 ways:

1: We will collect better data and evidence on the intersecting characteristics of people in Scotland.

Intersectionality means looking at how different parts of a person’s identity affect their life.

An identity is how you see yourself and how other people see you.

For example a woman who is a disabled person and a Muslim.

You can find out more about protected characteristics in this Easy Read document.

2: Equality evidence will be more accessible so people can get what they need, when they need it.

3: We will share good ways of working to support staff to be confident producing and using equality evidence.


Email: social-justice-analysis@gov.scot

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