Publication - Consultation paper

One Scotland: consultation on current hate crime legislation

Published: 14 Nov 2018

'One Scotland: hate has no home here' consultation asks questions on our approach to consolidating all Scottish hate crime legislation and expanding the statutory aggravations.

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85 page PDF

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One Scotland: consultation on current hate crime legislation
British Sign Language version

85 page PDF

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British Sign Language version

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Ministerial Foreword


Part One – Consolidating and Modernising Hate Crime Legislation

Section 1: Rationale

Section 2: Modernisation and Language

Part Two – New Statutory Aggravations

Section 3: Gender Section 4: Age

Section 5: Sectarianism

Section 6: Other Groups or Characteristics

Section 7: Association with a Member of a Protected Group

Part Three – New Stirring Up of Hatred Offences

Section 8: Current Position and Proposed Changes

Section 9: Online Hate

Part Four – Exploitation and Vulnerability

Section 10: New Statutory Aggravation – Exploitation and Vulnerability

Part Five – Other Issues

Section 11: Repeal of Section 50A Racially Aggravated Harassment

Section 12: Sentencing

Section 13: Wider Context: Support for Victims of Hate Crime and Restorative justice

Section 14: Any Gaps?

Part Six - Responding to this Consultation

Annex A: Lord Bracadale’s Recommendations

Annex B: Respondent Information Form and Questionnaire