1. Consultation paper

    15 Nov 2021

    Bail and release from custody arrangements: consultation

    Consultation on the use of remand and arrangements around release from custody - two areas which we consider have the potential to contribute to a shift in how prison and imprisonment is used in a modern Scotland.

  2. Consultation paper

    22 Oct 2021

    The future of recorded crime and police activity statistics: consultation

    We are consulting on the production and dissemination of Scotland’s recorded crime statistics, and on the possible development of new analysis on other types of policing activity. The responses we receive will help inform our long term strategy for the delivery of crime and policing statistics.

  3. Factsheet

    29 Sep 2021

    Recorded Crime Statistics in Scotland: user guide

    Provides detailed information on the Recorded Crime in Scotland statistical bulletin series. It is designed to be a useful reference guide with explanatory notes regarding issues and classifications which are crucial to the production and presentation of crime statistics in Scotland

  4. Statistics

    28 Sep 2021

    Recorded Crime in Scotland, 2020-2021

    Statistics on crimes and offences recorded and cleared up by the police in Scotland, split by crime or offence group and by local authority. This bulletin also includes a new chapter which presents an estimate of how many cyber-crimes were recorded in Scotland during 2019-20 and 2020-21.

  5. Consultation paper

    12 Mar 2021

    Miners' strike 1984 to 1985 pardon: consultation

    This consultation paper seeks views on suitable qualifying criteria for a collective pardon to be given to miners who were convicted of matters relating to the miners’ strike of 1984 to 1985.

  6. Advice and guidance

    23 Dec 2020

    Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010: guidance - updated

    Guidance is provided in accordance with the duty upon the Scottish Ministers under section 12(1) of the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 to issue guidance to local authorities in relation to the exercise of their functions and the functions of authorised officers under the 2010 Act.

  7. NEWS

    16 Dec 2019 13:11

    Policing in Scotland

    Strategic priorities set direction for police over the next six years.

  8. Strategy/plan

    16 Dec 2019

    Strategic police priorities

    Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland which are provided for through section 33 of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012.

  9. NEWS

    01 Oct 2019 20:00

    Bravery awards

    First Minister celebrates acts of heroism.

  10. Consultation paper

    01 Oct 2019

    Letter of rights: consultation

    A consultation to seek the views of key stakeholders and members of the public on the current Letter of Rights for Scotland.

  11. Statistics

    24 Sep 2019

    Recorded crime in Scotland: 2018-2019

    Statistics on crimes and offences recorded and cleared up by the police in Scotland, split by crime or offence group and by local authority.