Independent review – Independent advisory group on new and emerging technologies in policing: final report

The final report of the Independent advisory group on new and emerging technologies in policing.


This report explores a rights based, transparent, evidence-based, legal, ethical and socially responsible approach to adopting emerging technologies in policing, in a manner that upholds public confidence and safety. Alongside the importance of legal frameworks centred on human rights, equalities and data protection, it highlights the consideration of ethical and social implications, the key role of research evidence, consultation and public engagement and scientific standards in technological innovation and the centrality of robust mechanisms to ensure oversight and scrutiny.

The report draws together the work the Independent Advisory Group on Emerging Technologies in Policing (ETIAG) undertaken collectively over the past two years. I am extremely grateful to the core ETIAG members for their invaluable expertise and input, and to the workstream members and leads who contributed to key focus area discussions and wrote workstream reports. Many thanks also to the academics at Stirling who undertook the research commission and prepared their report. I would particularly like to thank Ryan Paterson, Graham Thomson and all members of the Scottish Government who provided secretariat support to the ETIAG during its lifetime.

It was a pleasure to serve as Chair of this group and I hope that as well as providing useful recommendations that will bring improvements in Scotland to legislation, policy and practice in the area of emerging technologies in policing, the report will also be of interest internationally.

Professor Elizabeth Aston
Director, Scottish Institute for Policing Research
Professor of Criminology, Edinburgh Napier University



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